Female milk: a way to longevity?

Female milk: a way to longevity?

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There are different views on breast milk. Some people think that it is the most important thing in the first months of life, others indicate that they can feed their baby naturally as long as possible, while others even happily reach for breast milk when they reach puberty, believing that thanks to it they will guarantee better health.

Wealthy Chinese have been buying natural breast milk for several months, believing that it has unusual properties: heals wounds, supports the work of individual organs and extends life. Their faith was strengthened by the opinion of a professor at Shanghai Medical University.

Wealthy Chinese employ poor women from rural areas and pay them for the systematic delivery of breast milk. Special agencies are created that are to be chosen by women supplying milk, examining their health and predispositions.

Poor women who decide to do such work do not complain. The opportunity to earn up to $ 2,000 a month is a huge support for them.


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