Adaptation classes in kindergarten

Adaptation classes in kindergarten

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Not every kindergarten decides to conduct adaptation classes. Those who plan them usually organize adaptation days at the end of August. Some choose a different date, such as June, which is usually not rated well. Parents say that the child from June to September forgets many of the first moments in kindergarten and has difficulty implementing it in September.
What do adaptation classes in kindergarten really do? Is it worth using them?

Do not miss adaptation classes

If the institution that the child is to attend is organizing adaptation classes, it is worth using them. Let's not give up this possibility. Thanks to classes in kindergarten, the child will be better prepared to part with parents and reduce his stress resulting from the first days in kindergarten.

How long are adaptation classes?

In some kindergartens, adaptation classes last an hour during the day, they come to them several times, for example for a week. In other facilities, children stay longer (about 3 hours at a time), and classes take place less often.

Most adaptive classes are scheduled in the afternoons.

What do adaptation classes look like?

Adaptation classes take place in the room in which they will be staying after coming to kindergarten children. Usually the first minutes pass by teachers and kids. Preschoolers get IDs (stickers or badges), they look at the room, toilet, cloakroom.

In addition, singing songs, dancing, art classes and spontaneous play are organized using toys available in the kindergarten, often also movement games on the playground. Initially, parents participate in the classes, but when there are several meetings, in some facilities, mothers and daddies are asked to leave the room so that the children get used to playing only under the care of the ladies.

What are the advantages of adaptive classes?

  • The child has a chance to see that you can have fun not only at home under the care of a parent.
  • Toddler gets to know a new place and other children, ladies,
  • The child gets used to the new rhythm in kindergarten.

Advice for the adaptation period

  • Try to have fun with your child. Your attitude is very important and your enthusiasm will be given to your toddler.
  • Encourage your toddler to take part in classes.
  • Don't stress. Your feelings will be read quickly by the child. If you do not control it, send a toddler with his grandmother, aunt or other friend to adaptation classes.
  • After class in kindergarten, have fun at home: put blocks, make plasticine, paint.
  • Trust the teacher. Listen to what he says and collaborate. In this way, the adaptation period will pass in a good atmosphere.
  • If your child doesn't want to talk about kindergarten, don't ask. Nothing by force. The child will open itself over time.
  • The child should know that going to kindergarten is not a form of attraction, but everyday life. You need to maintain firmness and consistency in this topic. If your toddler senses hesitation, he will definitely use it quickly and try to stand up on his own, which often means staying at home.
  • If in doubt, talk to your teacher. However, it's best not with a child.
  • Hug your child often, talk, give attention, be close and show understanding.

Fairy tales and stories about kindergarten

Adaptation days will pass fruitfully and the first days in kindergarten will be easier if we reach for books describing the struggles of small heroes with the kindergarten, for example: Renata Piątkowska "Stories for preschoolers", Barbara Gawryluk "Preschoolers from Morelowa Street", Agnieszka Frączek Preschoolers "100 joy and 2 sorrows. " You can also arrange to meet your child with another child, happy with kindergarten, allowing one child to act like a "therapist".

And you, when you send children to kindergarten? Have you had the opportunity to participate in adaptation classes?


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