Are adult cosmetics safe for children?

Are adult cosmetics safe for children?

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Children love to play the role of adults. Dad sneaks tools and moms kitchen utensils, often reach for toy bowls and containers, imitating a cooking parent and lay on the couch like a mom or dad, "read" a book.

Girls want to use their mother's cosmetics, painting lips, eyes, nails. The boys try to shave their invisible mustaches and beards to become like Dad for a while.

Can "adult" cosmetics be used by children and are they safe?

Cosmetic for a child or for an adult?

Cosmetics for children must fulfill appropriate functions that are not fulfilled by cosmetics for adults.

Child care is first and foremost protection against irritation and care for proper skin lubrication. In children's cosmetics irritants, preservatives and dyes are limitedso as not to irritate the toddler's sensitive skin.

Preparations for the youngest must first and foremost protect against the adverse effects of the external environment, which, unfortunately, is not always possible with adult cosmetics.

Face cream

The most common cosmetic stolen from parents is face cream. This product is usually within reach and very often goes to small curious hands.

Creams for both women and men above all have a lot fragrances and strong ingredients (e.g. anti-wrinkle, moisturizing) that can very irritate the baby's sensitive face.

You should also be careful when using adult creams for temporary purposesto brush your toddler when we don't have baby preparation on hand.

The adult's skin is thick and needs many active ingredientsthat penetrate deep into the epidermis. The use of the same ingredients in a cream for a child with very thin skin could even end considerable irritation. It is absolutely prohibited to use in children creams with retinol, fruit acids, salicylic acid, because they not only irritate the baby's skin, but can also burn it.

Bath cosmetics

However, when it comes to using bath cosmetics, care should also be taken, and it is best for the child to use only their cosmetics. Often, adult gels or bath lotions contain a whole lot of weight artificial colors, preservatives and fragrances, which damage the delicate skin of a child. And children's cosmetics are specially selected composition for the toddler and checked by performing detailed tests and examinations so that the child's skin is safe. The use of adult shampoos in children is also not recommended because they can excessively dry the hair and scalp and sting the eyes.

Make-up cosmetics

Toddlers should also not use makeup cosmetics, perfumes and shaving cosmetics. Preservatives, artificial colors, strong fragrances and alcohol contained in these products can irritate the skin of a child and cause allergic reactions. Girls should not paint their lips with lipstick, because this cosmetic may contain trace amounts lead, artificial colors, preservatives that can harm young skin.


Toothpastes used in children should be intended only for them and properly selected for age. These for adults contain fluoride, which in too high a concentration can permanently discolor the baby's teeth.

It is best from the beginning to ensure that cosmetics for adults are not available to the toddler and to warn children that these are things only mom and dad. It would be good if the toddler had your cosmetics in a designated placeso that he can, for example, apply cream on his face when his mother puts on makeup.

For little girls can be purchased special products for painting eyes, lips or nails (for example, a water-based varnish), but it is important that the cosmetics are dermatologically tested and intended for children. If, on the other hand, the boy demands foam on his chin to remove his stubble, then he is enough foam from baby bath foam or soap.

Toddler's skin needs special care, and the use of improperly selected cosmetics can be excessive dry the skin and damage the lipid layer of the epidermis. Cosmetics for adults are safe for us, but they can be dangerous for a child, leading to formation irritation, allergic reaction and even toxic reactions. Even though every child enjoys playing with adult cosmetics, let's think about whether it is worth exposing the young body to such a great extent.


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