Marketers in schools and kindergartens

Marketers in schools and kindergartens

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There is no prohibition that would prohibit marketing in schools. And since there is no such provision, there is a lot of room for moral abuse.

Advertising guys can show off. It won't surprise you when you write that they do it. Of course, they do not secretly reach schools and kindergartens. They do not give a few zlotys to students for hanging posters or distributing leaflets. Directors admit them to an educational institution. Why? It's easy, they get specific money for it, which is a great support for the facility.

What do parents say? Usually one thing - they are helpless. They may get nervous, but it won't help ...

How does this marketing campaign look like in practice? In school, classrooms present designer footwear that anyone can put on and even play in to see that they allow you to "easier" to operate the ball and drive them straight into the opponent's goal. This is an extreme example, but unfortunately quite common. In addition to it, more common forms are practiced: placing posters, trademarks in the form of stickers on the stairs or floor, using teaching materials marked with the manufacturers' logos ...

In this way, children are fed with advertisements not only on the street, at home in front of the TV, but also at school ... They already influence them there, suggesting what is good in life and what is not, what is worth having, and how through "having "Can stand out.

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