"How is your home" contest results

"How is your home" contest results

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You have given us a difficult task. The rules in your home that you sent have surprised us many times, amused and gave us many reasons to reflect. According to the assumptions of the competition, we can distinguish three people. Award-winning statements below.

1st prize funded by - a wall sticker prepared on the basis of the project we send wins:

Agnieszka Szymaszek

1. We never put the pillows upside down! Only somehow my husband does not always remember about it - maybe it could use a sticker on the wall in the bedroom ???
2. We do not comment "aloud" on the action of the movie you are watching! In "my" or in the language of the doctor: Each member of the household who reaches his receptors analyzes images and sounds only within his own cerebral cortex, and shares his reflections with others after the screening.
3. ... and here a bit embarrassing topic, but after all "Nothing human is alien to us", so:
The one who will receive the last piece of toilet paper is obliged to make sure that the next roll is in the right place!
4. We do not pick up other household members of cosmetics... and if so, then we read first the information about what a specific purpose is for! My husband was convinced of the rightness of this principle only when one day he smeared his hands with my self-tanner ...
5. And of course the golden rule that should apply in every home:
We don't use harsh words, we don't raise our voices, we always listen to the second person's opinion first and then discuss, discuss, discuss ... and come to a consensus together.

Two consolation awards ("Baby" stickers) go to:

Alicja Kaźmierowska

  1. I'm telling you the truth - don't lie
  2. What you desire, desire badly - dreams come true
  3. Be good - good returns
  4. Think about others and others will think about you
  5. Don't be lazy - there's always something to do

Grażyna Mackiewicz

  1. We talk about everything - we don't have taboos
  2. We are not ashamed to show emotions - including crying and laughing to tears,
  3. We respect each other, regardless of whether we are a cat or a human :-) - we love each other!
  4. We help each other
  5. We use phrases that describe what we feel and what we want to convey to others, and other polite phrases - thank you, thanks, good morning, hello etc.