The benefits of sport for children

The benefits of sport for children

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Above all, it must be the child, within limits, who is in charge of choosing the sport or sports to be practiced. In general, your child will want to play a specific sport influenced by his friends, the media, the environment around him, etc. Be that as it may, regular exercise promotes good physical and mental development in children.

Among other benefits, sport helps children to integrate more socially and to acquire fundamental values, in addition to collaborating in the correct development of their bones and muscles.

1. Introduce the child to society.

2. Teaches you to follow rules.

3. Helps you open up to others and overcome shyness.

4. Curb your excessive urges.

5. It will promote in the child the need to collaborate over individualism

6. It will make him recognize, accept and respect that there is someone who knows more than him.

7. Produces a general increase in coordinated movement. 8

. Increase your motor possibilities.

9. Promotes the growth of your bones and muscles.

10. Can correct possible physical defects.

11. It promotes the creation and regularization of habits.

12. Develop your pleasure in movement and exercise.

13. Stimulates hygiene and health.

14. Teaches you to have certain responsibilities.

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