Why are there children who steal

Why are there children who steal

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Lying, stealing and betrayal go hand in hand when a child decides to steal. Lying and stealing are all too common in our society, but it is clear that it is unwanted and inappropriate behavior. When children steal it can signify risky behavior or a psychological problem, although in most cases it is simply a common behavior that must be overcome with the proper guidance.

Lying and stealing are more common in boys than in girls and occurs most often in ages 5 to 8, but if not corrected, it may be a bigger problem.

When a child steals, it can be a great concern for parents since both inside and outside the home, it will be affecting people. During the school years, Theft can be a sign of trouble, but it can also be the result of peer pressure or the child's need to fit in. The child does not understand what is wrong and that property exists between people.

It is important to find out why the child is stealing and take into account each context.

- Children under 3 years: Children under 3 years old can take things because they do not fully understand the difference between what is 'mine' and what is not, when they steal there is no real bad intention, but they can become possessive if this is not corrected attitude.

- Children between 3 and 8 years old: Children between 3 and 7 years old begin to respect things that belong to others because they understand that things have property. But at these ages children can exchange properties without thinking about the value that things have, they must still learn respect for the property of others.

- From 9 years: It is from the age of 9 when children can begin to understand very well that they should respect the possessions of others and to understand that stealing is a bad thing.

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But when a child continues to steal from the age of 9, it can do so for various reasons and action must be taken on the reason that is causing it to stop the situation:

1. They may feel peer pressure and the need to fit in.

2. They may have low self-esteem.

3. You may not have friends and try to get them this way.

4. If you have never had positive comments from your parents, you may want to steal to feel proud of doing something 'right' without being 'caught'.

5. For the adrenaline that stealing generates.

6. Still does not understand the property of others due to lack of maturity.

It will be necessary to find the appropriate strategies to be able to work on the reason that causes it and never blame the child for what he does, but work on why you do it to prevent it from happening.

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