Santa Gala Day, April 6. Names for girls

Santa Gala Day, April 6. Names for girls

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If your daughter is born April 6 a suitable name would be Gala. It is of Latin origin and means that which comes from Gaul, now France.

That day is celebrated onomastics of Santa Gala that she was the daughter of the consul Símaco and was given as a wife to a young patrician who died a year after their marriage. When she was widowed, although she was young and wealthy, Gala preferred to give herself to God by performing works of mercy helping the poor and needy and dedicating herself to prayer by retiring to a monastery near the Vatican Basilica.

Gala's name refers to a person with a good mood, cheerful, with great creative, social and understanding capacity.

And so she must have been the muse of the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, who popularized this name. Although her name was actually Yelena Diakonov, her first husband began to call her that, helping this name to spread.

The name of Gala is very popular also in other countries. In Bulgarian, it is Galina, while the Greeks call Gala by the name of Galene. In Ukraine, they are called Halyna.

But there are more curiosities about the name of Gala: From the wife of the Gothic king Ataulfo, to one of the main Bond girls created by Ian Fleming, although she has never appeared as a character in any movie, to a Eurodance cult artist was Gala Rizzato, or the Mexican actress and youth model Gala Montes de Oca, have also spread this name around the world.

Although it is not a very common name in recent years its use is becoming popular. As an anecdote, we can highlight that sports journalist Melissa Jiménez and soccer player Marc Bartra gave their daughter this Latin name.

In our calendar of the names of April saints you will find the origin and meaning and curiosities related to other names by the date of their onomastics.

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