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Tchibo sand set

Tchibo sand set

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Our daughter is a typical sand "copy". Since I can remember, she loved sitting in the sandbox. Therefore, it is customary to recite on one exhaust what sand toys it has and perfectly recognizes its molds among other children's toys.

Among typical sand sets with classic shapes you can also find a Tchibo set for making sand ice cream. Theoretically, the manufacturer proposed simple plastic elements and a not-too-sophisticated idea to turn the fun in the sand into fun in the preparation of ice cream, and yet it was enough to stand out in a significant way from other sand sets. This one is different from all grandmothers: animals, wheels, hearts, classic rakes and shoulders.

The kit includes:

  • "Scoop" in the shape of an ice cream spoon
  • one bucket with a lid (also a mold)
  • two ice cream cones
  • two ice cream cups
  • one sand spreader

The set costs around PLN 30.