10 names of Aztec origin for girls

10 names of Aztec origin for girls

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If you have not yet chosen a name for your future daughter, we would like to propose ten original ideas of Nahuatl origin. It is a Uto-Aztec macrolanguage spoken by more than a million and a half people.

The Nahuatl names are closely related to natural elements like the water, the sun, the wind, the earth and above all the animals. Your daughter will be named after Mexican ancestors, many of whom are still used today.

1. Alotl. This name refers to a Macaw. This bird for the Mexican indigenous culture symbolizes fertility, maternal fecundity, sustenance and peace.

2. Cihuacoatl. Also known as snake woman. The snake implies desire and seduction. In the Aztec language the snake symbolizes the origin of life, fertility, birth and health.

3. Iztacihuatl. It means white woman. It is an inactive volcano located in central Mexico and its name comes from its snowy profile that resembles a reclining woman covered in a white cloak. Mexican mythology tells that Iztaccíhuatl was a princess who fell in love with Popocatépetl, one of her father's warriors. The princess's father sent the warrior to battle in Oaxaca, promising to deliver his daughter to him if he returned victorious and with the head of his enemy on the lance. Some time later the warrior returned with the head of his rival bleeding on his spear, for which he received a feast for his victory. However, their love was terminated as the princess had died. With a broken heart, he took the body of his beloved to a mountain and the gods turned her into an inactive volcano.

4. Metztli. This is how the Moon is called in Nahuatl. In Mexican mythology Metztli is associated with the Moon goddess who had the power to dominate the water on the planet through the serpent, with which she sent storms or floods. The Moon also represented maternal love.

5. Quetzalli. This name, in the Aztec language means precious. It is a name associated with what is most precious, what is most loved. It refers to a sacred and precious bird with long and colorful plumage that lives in the jungle of Central America. In addition to beauty, it also symbolizes the wisdom of the people.

6. Teotl. It is a name that means energy. be eternal and invisible. It symbolizes the creator and sustainer of the universe.

7. Tonalli. It refers to the patron deity of the day, energy and heat.

8. Xochiquetzal. In Mexican mythology Xochiquetzal is the goddess of beauty, flowers, love and the arts. It refers to a precious flower and is related to the fertility of nature. The Aztec people used to invoke the goddess Xochiquetzal to survive some danger to achieve fertility and sensuality, and also to achieve stable marriages.

9. Yoloxochitl. It literally means flower of heart. It is the name of a large tree up to 30m high. And with it it refers to its flowers that are solitary white, very showy and large. The fruits are also large and the seeds are bright red. The leaves are bright light green on the obverse, and the reverse is yellowish green; they resemble leather in their consistency.

10. Yaocihuatl. Warrior woman. It is the name of an Aztec deity who was characterized by being protective, serene and strong, who fights for her dreams and ambitions.

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