Small objects are a threat to babies

Small objects are a threat to babies

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Babies can put everything, absolutely everything, into their mouth: buttons, coins, toy pieces, stones, colored objects and some foods. And it is that, what is small attracts them.

And you will ask me: What should be done? Well, be attentive to all the objects that surround the babies. You have to consider that a toy can become a very dangerous weapon for children.

I don't know if you've been through this trouble at all, but one day, while I was waiting for my daughter to be seen at the doctor's office, I saw babies arrive from the emergency room, because they had swallowed a tiny car wheel, a button, and I even saw a one who stuck a leaf in his nose and, of course, cried inconsolably. It's amazing what attracting babies to little things can do.

Maybe that's why I was always very strict when choosing a toy or clothes for my daughter. He avoided dolls with plastic eyes, stuffed animals with protruding ears or tails, clothes with buttons, and anything that could get into his mouth or nose. After all, when babies start to crawl, they are attracted to everything in their path, and also to everything that is hanging on toys and clothes.

If your child has put an object in his nose, ear or mouth, and cannot remove it, you will find that:

1. If it's on the noseYou will notice that the baby feels very upset and is very crying for no apparent reason. It is not always easy to tell, as the baby will begin to breathe through the mouth. But if you notice mucus mixed with pus, you may have a mild infection caused by an object. Take him to the doctor. Do not try to remove the object that is obstructing the nose. When you try to remove it, it may go down the throat or into the bronchial tubes, causing more serious damage.

2. If it is at the beginning of the oral cavity, just putting a finger in the baby's mouth will be enough to remove it. But if you notice that the baby turns purple it will be because the object has dropped a little more and obstructs the airway. In this case, quickly hold the baby by the feet, turn him upside down, and simultaneously hit him on the back and between the shoulders. If you do not succeed, go immediately to a medical center.

More important than knowing how to intervene in the event of a child accident is to prevent it with great care and attention.

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