The role of grandparents with children before a divorce

The role of grandparents with children before a divorce

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Grandparents are a fundamental support when grandchildren arrive, especially in difficult times that families sometimes go through, for example separations or divorces.

When a couple decides to put an end to their relationship, grandparents can offer their grandchildren the emotional stability they need in those moments. It is also common for a divorce affect one's grandparents and his usual relationship with the rest of the family. For this reason, we offer you some tips to face these situations as grandparents.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) publishes some recommendations from Kathryn and Allan Zullo, authors of The Nanas and the Papas, A Boomers’s Guide to Grandparenting:

-Focusing attention and support on grandchildren, not on parents, they are the ones who understanding and help need.

-The grandparents should make the grandchildren understand that they are not responsible for the breakup, if the little ones think so. They should explain to them what a adult problem.

-Confidence and communication with the grandchildren must be preserved, encourage them to express their feelings and maintain regular contact with them, so that the little ones know that they can count on them.

-It is essential that grandparents remain impartial, that they do not show negative opinions to children about any of their parents.

Parental separation can also affect grandparents' relationship with grandchildren, for example when it comes to to be able to visit them. In general, grandparents can organize their own visiting regime.

A special case noted on the AARP website is the figure of the grandfather. It occurs either because the son marries someone who already has children or because the grandfather himself establishes a relationship with a person who has grandchildren. This situation can be a challenge that must be approached with confidence and security, always weighing in the good of the little ones.

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