Home delivery or hospital delivery. Is it possible to choose?

Home delivery or hospital delivery. Is it possible to choose?

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Although now giving birth at home may seem a somewhat elitist decision, against the tide and not without risks, the home itself has been the usual place where children came into the world. Our parents and grandparents, after the experience of being born in their homes, have been able to tell and show it, it is us and our descendants.

I have a friend who has told me, almost in secret, lest she be called irresponsible or a "snob", that she would like to give birth at home. She believes that when a woman has a normal pregnancy, the place where she is best and that provides her most security is her home, where she can be herself, have privacy, tranquility and feel accompanied by her loved ones.

Hospital delivery now seems the only alternative in Spain, when other European countries such as Sweden have also incorporated this possibility and have not seen an increase in infant mortality as a result. The idea of ​​giving birth at home, of course, will not please everyone, but it must be said that a natural birth at home provides enormous advantages, since it respects the natural evolution of childbirth (contractions, expulsion, well-being ...), returns the confidence of their ability to give birth to the woman and guarantees a unique family encounter and experience.

Childbirth is a physiological process for which both mothers and babies are prepared, without the need for other external actions. What has been happening is that, generally, all future parents prefer not to tempt luck or feel uncomfortable by neighbors or other circumstances, and, therefore, we opt for a much more controlled hospital delivery, because it guarantees us the resolution immediate response to any problem during childbirth, but that in return threatens the woman's self-esteem and makes her the victim of invasive and unnecessary protocols. It is not a subject to be taken lightly, since we should be able to choose between the different options, depending on the development of our pregnancy, our state of health or our physical and emotional conditions.

Giving birth at home should be one more option to consider, unless a risk factor is detected that does not allow a natural birth. Thus, home birth should not be an option in any of the following cases:

- When a health problem or risk has been detected in the mother or baby.

- When the birth is premature, that is, before 37 weeks, or when it is postmature, after 42 weeks.

- When the baby is not presented in a cephalic position.

- When it is not possible to guarantee home care from a midwife or gynecologist.

- When it is not possible to guarantee an eventual transfer to a hospital in less than 45 minutes.

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