How to inflate a balloon with a cold bottle. Experiment for children

How to inflate a balloon with a cold bottle. Experiment for children

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If you want to carry out this experiment for children, you only need a balloon and freeze an empty glass bottle. With this fun science exercise your children will understand why a balloon can inflate with a simple change in temperature.

Science experiments for kids will help little ones understand the basics of physics, which is a fun and easy way to learn.

  • 1 balloon
  • 1 frozen glass bottle

Tip: The bottle must be empty, because if it contains any frozen liquid inside, the balloon will not inflate.

1. Take an empty glass bottle and freeze it.

2. Place a balloon in the mouth of the bottle.

3. Put your hand around the bottle to give it heat. Little by little you will see how the balloon inflates the balloon.

As the hand surrounds the bottle with the air inside the bottle, causing pressure increases with temperature and air expands into the balloon.

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