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"Decision-making. What to do when you don't know what to do ”Jonathan Herring results

"Decision-making. What to do when you don't know what to do ”Jonathan Herring results

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Making decisions can be very difficult. Especially those relating to landmark events affecting our whole life, determining the coming months and even years.

There are many dilemmas: whether and when to change jobs or start a familywhether to choose this person as a life companion, how many children to have and when and where to send a few-year-old to kindergarten and then to school, what to allow, what to forbid ... Not to mention the more banal decisions taken during the day between coffee and coffee: at home or at work.

How to make decisions?

The subject seems theoretically trivial. If we have managed to survive so far, living dozens of years, then we certainly know how to deal with everyday dilemmas.

Unfortunately simplicity and the honor of exercising freedomwhich adulthood gives us is only apparent for many. In practice, it can be much more difficult. Often, we are paralyzed by fear, risk (which by the way accompanies our every-day activities), our internal doubts, struggling reasons. The opinions of other people, their expectations and suggestions affect us.

We may also wonder whether decisions should be made only on the basis of facts, information collected (if so, where to look for them) or rather be guided by emotions, trust premonitions and intuition. In the latter case, we may have a problem with a bad diagnosis of the situation ... too hasty action.

On the other hand, scientists' reports leave no illusions: without emotions we would not be able to survive. Often, there is no time for longer consideration. Something must be done here and now. Immediately.

Lack of feeling emotions blocks us from action, as demonstrated by the example of an American who, after an accident, despite maintaining the same IQ quotient, lost his job, home, family, because he was not able to decide about himself even to a minimal extent.

What to follow?

Most of us know the way of writing "for" and "against" arguments in favor of a specific solution. Some also rely on chance: for example tossing a coin.

However, few have heard about the "trees ”, analysis of the decision matrix, or six mental hats. Meanwhile, learning each of these methods can help you make the right decision, taking into account both the risks and opportunities behind it, taking into account the opinions of others, but not allowing yourself to rely on false premises.

The author of the book focuses on what makes it difficult for us to make decisions: living in the past, paying too much attention to herd opinions, low self-esteem, and ambient pressure. He writes about what to do when the different arguments balance ... He gives clear hints, giving them interesting comments.

For whom?

A parent, whether it's debuting or already having a child of several years old, he has to face many doubts. Every day he makes a lot of decisions: not only about himself, but about his whole family.

It can cause on one hand sense of responsibility, satisfactionwhen decisions are accurate (although making them sometimes difficult) and on the other it can give birth stress, anxiety and even paralyze, when there is a belief in how much can be spoiled as a result of a wrong choice.

Therefore, this book can become an interesting guide for people who are afraid to take the next step, are terribly afraid of mistakes, errors and their consequences ... I would rather not recommend it to those who are distinguished by a strong personality, readiness for challenges, acceptance of risk. Unless they are currently in a corner of life, then a proposal from the Edgard publishing house can clarify the basic doubts.

We have a copy of this book for you. Write in the comment below this entry, which so far the most difficult decision you had to face and how you managed to decide. Remember to enter a valid email address when adding a comment. We are waiting for your answers until May 10.