10 names of Celtic origin for girls

10 names of Celtic origin for girls

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For its melodious sound and its peculiarity celtic names are becoming more and more fashionable. They were in common use hundreds of years ago in towns in much of Europe such as France, Belgium or Great Britain, and also in the Iberian Peninsula, especially in Asturias and Galicia.

If you still don't know what to call your daughter, we suggest the ten most used Celtic names that are setting trends, and their meaning closely linked to nature and the characteristics and attributes of women.

1. Alina. This name refers to two qualities of a woman, one physical as she is attractive and the other has to do with her sense of humor: funny.

2. Brígida. It means 'strength' and was the name of a Celtic goddess of fire and fertility. It is also the name of the patron saint of Europe Santa Brígida.

3. Drusilla. This name, Drusilla, refers to a strong woman. This name was used in the Roman Empire from the wife of Emperor Augustus to Caligula's sister.

4. Eleonora. A beautiful Celtic name that means 'that grows', although some voices also maintain that it refers to a fiery and beautiful woman.

5. Evelyn. This name means 'the expected and the desired'. These are two characteristics that this name is linked to. It is also thought to mean 'origin and beginning of all things'.

6. Hazel. This name, Hazel, name comes from a walnut of Australian origin.

7. Eire. With this name the island of Ireland is called. In addition, that was the name of the goddess of fertility, poetry, music, among other creative qualities.

8. Enya. This is the name of a well-known Irish singer who popularized this name of Celtic origin which means 'little fire'.

9. Myrna. With this name of Celtic origin, it refers to a kind and beloved woman.

10. Yilda. This name means 'the one who serves God'.

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