Infant massage for children and babies

Infant massage for children and babies

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Infant massage is an ancient tradition in many cultures around the world, which has been passed from mothers and fathers to daughters and sons.

Many research studies reveal the need for affective contact as a fundamental part of the first years of life, and infant massage is one of the most pleasant and easy methods to establish first contact.

1. It was created by Vimala Schneider

2. It is based on care and respect for the child

3. It is an ancient art that allows a deep connection of each parent with their baby

4. Restores your balance through touch and encourages your confidence, security and independence

5. Use touch, which is the first of the senses that develops in a newborn, so it carries a great emotional load.

Infant massage should be given by people close to the baby such as parents, grandparents, caregivers, etc. It is essential that they do so after having attended a course, taught by specialized personnel.

For the massage to be effective, the parents, or the people who offer the massage, must be in a comfortable position and relax before starting, so as not to transmit the stress they may have accumulated to the baby.

It will be necessary a comfortable place, comfortable clothes, be barefoot (with socks), oils, a towel to put the baby, soaps in case it is necessary not to get wet and background music.

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