Magic interactive Simba Toys ball

Magic interactive Simba Toys ball

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When the baby begins to crawl, he loves follow an interesting subjectAt this stage, an interactive ball can be useful. The ball resembles a colorful ball with lots of interesting buttons.

After pressing on any of three digits (1,2,3), the ball moves, highlights the numbers and plays a nice melody.
On the ball we will find again buttons for the locomotive, ambulance, aircraft, police car, fire engine and ship.

After pressing the selected vehicle, the ball moves and makes the right sound (e.g. locomotive - pouf pouf), and then a melody comes out.

The ball is very durable, resistant to all falls and falls. In addition, it has an on - off button that makes it easy to turn off the toy completely when not in use.

The Simba Toys ball is this universal toy for children of all ages. According to our experience, it can be used even long after the child learns to walk.

Ball will make your six-month-old child more pleasant with their melodies and lights, the crawling toddler will probably follow her more than once, while a larger child can learn while playing the sounds that the selected vehicle makes by imitating the melodies heard.

The price of the ball is not low (about 70 zlotys), but due to the solidity of performance and interactive elements, the toy is worth the price.

Unfortunately, the toy does too your faults:

  • is quite loud (the manufacturer did not foresee the possibility of volume down)
  • heavy.
  • other users' opinions show that it needs a lot of energy, and therefore frequent battery changes, which, however, I did not notice, it was enough to change the battery once a year (maybe it depends on the type of battery and the frequency of using the toy).

Our assessment: