7 essential tips for single moms and dads

7 essential tips for single moms and dads

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Today being a single parent is common, it happens everywhere, in different societies and at different social levels. It occurs when, due to certain circumstances, the father or the mother have to take care of the children without having the help of the other parent.

In We give you a series of tips to adapt to the situation of raising children without a partner and to do it by overcoming all the obstacles that may arise.

1. Ask for help: the first days after the baby is born can be very hard living alone and raising a child involves solving many doubts and problems as they grow. Do not be afraid if you feel overwhelmed by the situation and ask for help, either from your parents, friends or some other family member.

2. Organize your priorities: You may not be able to get to everything, so so that frustration and stress don't get the better of you, make a priority list of your tasks. Perhaps you will not get to everything and you will have to leave matters that you consider secondary for when you have more time.

3. Do not envy couples: It is not convenient to resort to the thought that if you had a partner it would be easier. Couples also face problems, such as the disparity of criteria when educating their children or the couple's own fights. Take your situation and try to get the most out of it.

4. Take care of yourself: not everything has to be working and taking care of the children. Give yourself at least a little time a week for yourself, whether it's to go to the gym, to go for a walk or read that book that you want so much. If you feel good and do little things for yourself, it will translate into well-being for your children as well.

5. Watch your economy: If the income of the house depends only on you, try to be careful, whenever possible, to have a little money saved for contingencies that may arise.

6. Don't badmouth your ex: You should never speak ill of the other parent in front of the child, the only thing we do with it is transfer some problems to which it may be foreign, generate unnecessary resentment and sadness.

7. Positivity: You can go through delicate moments, either due to problems with the other parent, because the child misbehaves and you do not know how to solve it or because being a single mother or father is not financially easy, but always think positively and trust that everything will Go well. Do not get carried away by anguish and have confidence in yourself. You will go through difficulties but believe that you will be able to save them.

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