Parental preferences. Boy or girl?

Parental preferences. Boy or girl?

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I do not know if it is my impression, but lately, it seems to me that almost all future moms around me wish that the baby they are expecting is a girl. And I wonder what thoughts are behind this wish or the opposite (to have a child). Of course, it is perfectly understandable to want it to be a girl when the parents have previously had a child, getting the couple is the ideal for most parents!

When I had my second pregnancy, many told me, when they learned that I was a girl: Will you be happy? You already have a couple! Wouldn't it be better to have two sons or two daughters, so we could save on clothes, share a room and make sure they have more affinity in tastes and games? ... But the opinion is quite general that mothers like to have daughters and fathers, sons. In some way, we could, thus, extend our experiences lived when we were little or share hobbies in the future.

My husband always advises me on what my sons may feel or prefer, since he was also a child and knows better about the interests that move children, likewise I see things that I did as a child reflected in my daughters, although I don't think there are greater affections for one sex or another, my husband also 'falls apart' with his girls and I with my boys!

Each child is unique and irreplaceable for our family, be it a boy or a girl. Sometimes, our preferences are based on pleasing the partner or a family member, on cultural reasons, on the transmission of the surname, on the prior choice of a name that we would like to give it or other personal reasons.

Our child, whether boy or girl, will meet our expectations and fulfill our wishes. I have friends who have single-sex children and are equally delighted. My friend Blanca has three boys and she talks constantly about the nobility and sincerity of her boys; She knows how to share great moments with them, she has even become more athletic by being among so many children. My friend Carol has two daughters and the other day she told me that she would rather have girls than boys because she thinks that when she is older children are more conflictive.

On the other hand, Carol's husband does not hesitate to take his little ones to climb mountains or do unladylike things. This shows that the previous wishes to have a son or a daughter are based on assumptions or preconceived ideas that we have about the different sexes, but these wishes are often forgotten or satisfied. In the presence of our baby, whether boy or girl, desire and reality become one.

Patro Gabaldon.

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