Saint Barnabas Day, June 11. Names for boys

Saint Barnabas Day, June 11. Names for boys

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An idea as a name for your future child can be Barnabas. According to some voices it is a name of Hebrew origin and means “son of prophecy”, although others maintain that its origin is Germanic and means “audacious bear”.

His nomastic It is celebrated on June 11, in reference to one of the first apostles of Christianity who was a disciple of Jesus Christ.

His name day is celebrated in honor of José Bernabé. He was born in Cyprus, his origin was Jewish and he was present in some healings that Jesus Christ did. He sold his properties and the money he obtained he gave to the church to help those in need. Later he would be chosen among his 70 disciples to take the gospel to all corners of the world and would stand out for his dedication and dedication to Christianity.

Among those derived from the name Barnabas, we found Bernardino, and in feminine the variant of this name of Hebrew origin is Bernabea, hardly used in Spain.

In other languages ​​and languages ​​such as German, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Hungarian, English, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Norwegian and Swedish it is called Barnabas, while in Italian it is Bernabo, in Portuguese Barnabé, and in Catalan it is called Bernabéu.

Among the personalities that are called in this way we can highlight Santiago Bernabeu de Yeste, footballer, coach and president of Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, ​​presided over the team for 35 years, being the president who has been in charge of Real Madrid for the longest time. During his leadership the current stadium of the merengue team was built that bears his name in his honor.

We can also highlight Bernabé Martí, great Spanish tenor, who married the soprano Montserrat Caballé. Bernabé Ayala, was a prominent Spanish painter of the seventeenth century, who was a disciple of Zurbarán, or Bernabé Tierno, a Spanish psychologist, pedagogue and writer.

In our calendar of the names of saints in June you will find the origin and meaning and the curiosities related to other names by the date of their onomastics.

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