Care and benefits of sex during pregnancy

Care and benefits of sex during pregnancy

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During the pregnancy, many women feel insecure when they are intimate with their partner because they fear that the sexual act may harm their baby. Being pregnant does not have to be an obstacle when it comes to having sex with your partner, since there is no medical contraindication in this regard.

The couple can have sexual intercourse during pregnancy without harming the woman and the baby. The baby does not know what his parents are doing, since he will be very well protected in the womb and by his mother's abdomen.

- In the first trimester of pregnancyAlthough the hormonal change favors female pleasure, the tiredness, nausea and other symptoms of this phase of pregnancy may cause discomfort and lack of interest in sex.
- In the second trimester of pregnancy, the initial discomforts of pregnancy will be more controlled and the woman can enjoy more sex with her partner. Her body will already be more used to the new situation, her tummy still does not bother, and she may feel more desire to have sex.
- In the third trimester of pregnancy Towards the end of the pregnancy, a woman may lose interest in sex a little, as her gut size has grown and her priority now is preparing to welcome her baby. You will be more aware of the preparations before the delivery. However, you do not have to have sexual intercourse to be intimate with your partner. Sex will be in other ways.

During the sexual act it is very important that there is dialogue between the couple, that they have good humor, understanding, patience and that they let themselves be carried away by pleasure. Sex is favorable to childbirth because it exercises the muscles of the woman's vagina. However, it is important for the woman to speak with her doctor if in doubt. Another thing is the care. For example, if the couple is going to have oral sex, it is not advisable for the man to blow air into the woman's vagina. This can cause an embolism (blood vessel blocked by an air bubble), which can lead to serious injury to the woman and the baby.

  • Sex during pregnancy is only unsafe when:
  • there is a history or risk of miscarriage
  • there is a risk of preterm birth
  • pregnancy is considered high risk
  • there is vaginal bleeding or discharge for no reason
  • there is a placenta previa
  • the cervix is ​​weakened
  • there is rupture or leakage of amniotic fluid

Sex positions change as the pregnancy progresses. At first, they are normal, but from the fourth month or when the belly begins to grow, the best positions are the following:

- During the first and second trimesters, the couple can position themselves in four, with hands and knees on the bed. In this way, pressure on the woman's belly is avoided.

- The woman on her back, to exercise more control for her comfort.

- The couple on their side in a spoon position, to reduce the pressure on the abdomen. The woman is positioned on her side and her looks are in the same position behind her.

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