Take care of your child's diet in summer with Nutribén

Take care of your child's diet in summer with Nutribén

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If there is a season of the year in which we must be aware of the feeding of our son, that is the summer. We must adapt the diet to high temperatures and insist that our children drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

The long hours of daily sunshine during the summer period invite the little ones to spend long periods playing in the street, generating a lot of sweat and greater physical exhaustion than in winter due to the heat. If we want to avoid unnecessary scares we have to create a diet appropriate to our child's age and high temperatures.

Feeding babies and children in summer

Infants and children under 3 years of age are the groups most at risk for the onset of dehydration in summer. The child should drink an adequate amount of water and beverages daily, ranging from 0.6 liters in the first year of life to 1.8-2.6 liters in adolescence.

Newborns have to consume much greater amounts of water, relative to their weight, than adults. If not enough is given, we run the risk of the so-called 'dehydration fever', common at this age and consisting of the appearance of fever due to insufficient fluid intake.

Outside the lactation period, the distribution of the diet should be regulated at 25% at breakfast, 30% at lunch, 15% at snack and 30% at dinner, and foods from all groups should be included daily:

- Milks: We recommend for this stage that you give the child Nutribén infant formulas, artificial milk that will provide your baby with the vitamins and nutrients necessary to spend the summer without surprises.

- Meat: To cover meat needs, Nutribén offers a wide variety of chicken jars with rice, chicken with vegetables, veal with vegetables ... all of them delicious, without additives, colorings or preservatives and with the assurance that they will cover the nutritional needs of your son.

- Fish: More recommended than meat for its better fat profile. If you also choose Nutribén to give your kids fish, you have varieties such as cream of potatoes with sole, hake with rice or hake with vegetables, as well as meat, all recommended by ESPGHAN.

- Cereals: Being one of the most recommended foods in the daily diet of children. Nutribén has made an effort to offer a wide range of porridge with cereals in two varieties: with and without gluten. As well as special porridges for breakfast, to start the day in the best way.

- Fruits and vegetables: As for adults, for children the consumption of fruit is essential in a balanced diet. Knowing this need, Nutribén also has different baby food of different sizes with different ingredients. And also, a line of banana ecopotitos with apple and fruit salad that drives my baby crazy. The truth is that they are very good, I even like them.

In summary, a varied and balanced menu, accompanied by greater amounts of liquids, is the most recommended for babies and children in summer. I particularly trusted NutribénI gave it to my oldest son and I have not hesitated to continue with the youngest. You give me the confidence and security that they care as much as I do about the most important thing, the health of my little ones.

Laura Salas. Saver Mom

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