The Academy of Mind Spring competition contest results

The Academy of Mind Spring competition contest results

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We have prepared a special spring competition for you. Due to the fact that winter this year is extremely stubborn and tests our patience, we would like to effectively convince her that it is time for her: it's time to finally give it a rest and let you enjoy the spring.

Decide for yourself whether it's enough to buy a watch, calendar or winter, or use more sophisticated ways ... Any method is good, as long as it works. :)

The rules of the competition are very simple. It is enough that during the competition (from 5.04 to 19.04.2013)

  • you will write in a comment under this post in a few sentences, how to convince winter to finally give spring a chance

Your answers may have a gentle form of a letter, a threatening appeal, an order, or a threat of forced eviction. All holds allowed. May your words finally be effective and let us all say goodbye to winter jackets and welcome spring.

Remember not to stop trying, because winter has already shown this year once that it likes to play our nose. We must do everything to convince her to come back only in December. A few spring days will not satisfy us, I guess you too, right?

Therefore, leave comments until April 19 and may winter convince you earlier and leave us permanently long before this date ...

Four peoplewho will leave the most interesting answers will receive from us:

  • game Spring Mind Academy.

We look forward to your comments! Give your best! :)

Detailed rules of the Academy of Mind Spring.