To do the writing. Didactic poem for children

To do the writing. Didactic poem for children

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The poetry teaches, entertains, amuses ... and educates. Poetry can also be a teaching tool for children.

'To do the writing' is a short poetry and rhyme that exposes to children in a very simple way the basis for developing good writing.

To know how to write

and do good writing,

you need a lot of practice

and pay great attention.

Think what you are going to say,

check the message well,

and when writing it on paper

that a beautiful landscape remains.

Make shopping lists,

of potions and concoctions,

it will help you on this journey.

Understand what is necessary

for school and life,

but you will already know that,

You will have noticed it right away.

If when reading your writing

we have all understood it,

and you take care of the spelling

your goal has been accomplished.

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