What war does to children

What war does to children

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A war, whatever it may be, will always make children vulnerable. Because there is no war where you live, it does not mean that there is not. Five years of war in Syria have profoundly affected the lives of thousands of children who have lost their homes, their families, and their lives. An example of this is a video in which a girl is seen celebrating her birthday and at different times in her daily life, until the war comes like a bombshell to drastically change her life. The final sentence of this video is: 'Because it doesn't happen here, it doesn't mean it's not happening.'

It is a wake-up call from the NGOSave the children about the war in Syria, and how the impact on children has been devastating: diseases such as measles that are killing children, babies in incubators who do not survive due to power cuts or children affected by bombs and shootings that do not have they can receive appropriate treatment.

One of the responsibilities that adults have is to protect, care for and protect children. Making our children happy must be a maxim of parents. However, there are events in life, which can cause a child's normal, quiet life to explode and turn sad, miserable, and terribly harsh, or take another turn. Some of these events are beyond our control, such as the Syrian war, others are not, but in any of the situations we must be vigilant and support our children to give them the best possible protection.

- Death: the death of a very close or loved one it can change a child's life. Children go through a series of stages in their understanding of death, but the fact that they fail to understand the meaning well does not mean that they have to hide the problem or avoid it, talking with them is essential.

- Child abuse: it can occur at home, at school, among friends ... You have to be I encourage repeated physical cues (black eyes, bruises, burns), or emotional: permanent tiredness or apathy, significant change in school behavior for no apparent reason. Children do not usually ask for help in a case of abuse, so adults are responsible for reporting any case of child bullying.

- Sexual abuse: children who suffer sexual abuse develop low self-esteemThey believe they are worthless, become withdrawn, and sometimes consider suicide.

- School bullying: it is a systematic bullying, which occurs repeatedly over time, by one or more bullies of one or more victims and that can turn a child's school life into a real hell and leave psychological consequences.

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