The couple causes 10 times more stress than the children

The couple causes 10 times more stress than the children

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According to studies, new mothers suffer a high level of stress, especially during the first months after the baby is born. The easy thing is to think that the sleepless nights breastfeeding, the long days caring for the baby, the initial fears or the constant doubts about parenting increase the anxiety and stress of mothers. However, a recent study changes this belief since it ensures that the couple causes 10 times more stress than the children themselves.

Does your partner cause you stress? You may be nodding your head and remembering all the times your husband has pissed you off. But, Does it cause you more stress than your own children? It is very possible that, again, you will nod your head again.

This affirmative answer was given by many other women in a survey conducted by the website. This page contacted more than 7000 mothers and found stress levels of 8.5 out of 10 in them. This led them to question why so much stress.

Well, 46% of those surveyed attributed their stress level to their husbands more than to their children. The main reason is the little help they say they receive from their partners in taking care of the house and children. This overloads them with work and causes them not to have enough time to do all their tasks in the day. In short, three-quarters of mothers with a partner affirm that they carry the weight of the house and their children, in addition to supporting the childish behavior of their partners.

If you are part of those stressed mothers, whether due to your partner, children or work, stop and try to control or reduce it, since it seriously affects not only your mood, but also your health. These simple daily actions will help you reduce it:

- Breath deeplyTake a deep breath and mentally count to 10, hold for a few seconds and slowly expel it.

- Laugh: call that friend who always makes you laugh, watch that video of your children that makes you smile ... anything goes because it is a fact, laughter de-stresses.

- Play music: music therapy is really effective in times of stress. Calm, relaxing music can lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle stiffness.

- Massages: give yourself some time a week to release tension with a good massage, it will help you eliminate the stiffness and muscle pain that you accumulate.

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