Ten month old baby. The baby month by month

Ten month old baby. The baby month by month

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To theten months of life the baby will already be able to learn how to express himself to show what he wants. For this reason, the child uses his finger as an indicator to point to something he wants, such as the pacifier, the bottle, to say that he has "poop" in the diapers, to pick up a toy, etc., and so that his wishes are taken care of, he even says some words that we find it difficult to understand or not like "da", "bibe", etc.

In its 10th month of life, the average weight of a baby is 9600 g and about 74 cm in length. At this stage, babies are usually stronger and more determined. Not only do you know what you want and what you don't want, but you can already look for it around the house.

At ten months old, the baby will be able to crawl freely on his thighs, buttocks, hands and knees. Not all babies crawl alike. At the beginning, it is somewhat more insecure, but little by little the baby gains more security and strength in the legs and will stand up at any time. At this stage the gait reflex is very defined. There are babies who are already walking at ten months.

At ten months of life, the baby reaches a small degree of autonomy thanks to the fact that it already maintains a much more balanced posture. At this stage, the baby already sits with his legs fully extended and his back straight. He already gets up alone and with more control. If the parents take him in their arms, the baby may try to walk, but his steps are still irregular and unsure. Perhaps he is already walking with the help of a piece of furniture and stands alone. Both the baby's hands and fingers will be more agile, so much so that some babies will already be able to hold the spoon to eat. They can also drink on their own.

Ten-month-old babies are usually able to eat more of the foods that their family usually eats, and it is very likely that they will be able to chew on something since they have teeth. The baby can, for example, eat a banana or suck an orange, even if it gets dirty. At this stage, babies are already spoon-feeding themselves and more and more solid, whole foods will be in their diet. It will be easier to feed a baby this age. Still, you should not forget to introduce only one new food at a time and wait at least two days to make sure the baby is not allergic to anything he has eaten.

At this stage the baby can already understand some basic concepts such as "here", "there", "outside", "inside", and other words as simple and easy for their time.

The baby already tries to interact with all the people around him. The development of your vision and hearing is much more acute. The baby already understands the prohibitions. At the word NO! he immediately stops what he was doing, although he easily forgets what was prohibited. Baby canunderstand very clearly when their parents disapprove of their behavior. Proof of this is that many times when we give our children a wake-up call, they quickly start crying inconsolably at the thought that we are scolding them. It also tendsexpress their feelings more easily feeling, for example, the typical attack of jealousy of their mother when she takes another baby in her arms, something very common in all children. Not in vain ... the saying goes that there is only one mother.

At this stage, in general, babies will be crawling around the house. They already travel great distances, changing some objects of place. Your research stage begins here. However, they will also want to open drawers, cabinets ... and all care will be little. The emotion is strong. Play with him on the floor to give him a feeling of confidence. At some point your child will stand up and walk. Do not transmit anxiety or fear, do not fear that he will fall. Let him seek his own support. And you will see that after a period of training, he will be able to stand up freely.

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