Back to school without drama or laziness

Back to school without drama or laziness

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There is very little left for children to go back to school and many parents put their hands to their heads worried about how their little one will react when they have to go to or return to school, wake up earlier, go back to obligations or have to stop playing all day. Not all children get along. I think very few.

The time has come to return to the routine, to a more organized daily life full of schedules, and that, although it seems simple, is not so easy to assimilate, especially for children. For this reason, weeks before your child goes or returns to school, you need to take some steps so that the transition from vacation to school does not catch him suddenly.

1- Children should start to go to bed and wake up earlier. Parents must establish new schedules for sleep, for times of feeding. This will prevent the child from falling asleep or being irritated, tired and even grumpy on the first day of school.

2- It is important that the children do a review of the academic activities or review the tasks that the teacher left them. This will prevent him from feeling so insecure and fearful in the first days of school.

3- It is recommended that children already have their new books, school supplies, uniforms (if applicable), backpack, case, shoes, etc., organized and lined before the start of classes. This will keep them from feeling anxious and worried.

4- Promote a meeting with the child's friends. That will help you 'break the ice'. You will feel more secure and secure.

5- It is also important that parents have a positive, patient and firm attitude regarding their children's return to school. They should always highlight the positive of the school. This will keep the child from being nervous and fearful.

6- It is advisable that parents build a very open communication channel with their children. When picking them up at school, find out how their day has been in the classroom and on the playground. The child will feel more positive and supported.

7- It is time to establish new schedules: time to go to bed, wake up, watch television, play, eat, etc., so that little by little the child is getting organized.

8- It is convenient for children to cross the bridge from vacations to academic life in a serene way, without excesses or stress. Extracurricular activities can wait a few weeks.

For the rest, you should avoid thinking too much about the subject. Parents must understand that it is a transition stage like many others. Parents should only worry if the child, after a week, still does not want to go to school and on top of it begins to feel a stomach ache, headache ... This could be symptoms of post-vacation syndrome, of some illness, or other ailments reason. In this case, you should talk to the child and try to help him.

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