What should a sick child eat

What should a sick child eat

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There are few times that our young children get sick and, as a consequence, they tend to be down and inappete. What can we feed them, especially when the illness lasts for more than a couple of days? Our fear is that they will lose too much weight and that, therefore, greater weakness will ensue that will hinder their recovery.

Younger children tend to get sick very often, colds from viruses are the order of the day. Avoiding it is complicated because they are in contact with other children or adults with colds that can easily infect them, since their immune system is developing and their defenses are 'unaware' of many of the most common viruses.

Prevention is the best, but in younger children it is not easy to have habits such as washing their hands well and not releasing their coughs and snot with the one next to them. When our child falls ill we must know that we should not force them to eat, since it is quite common and normal for them to lose their appetite.

In principle, the child should eat what he wants; Unless it is a gastrointestinal ailment (which will require a soft or hydrated diet), the child does not have to follow any special diet, and, if he rejects certain foods, we should not insist that they eat them.

The most important thing is to know that during the illness children need more fluids than normal, we must encourage them to drink, especially when our child has a fever: broths, milk, smoothies, juices (but not soft drinks or cold drinks).

Breast milk for the little ones who are still suckling is one of the most appropriate foods during convalescence, apparently sick children prefer to consume breast milk instead of other foods that are already part of their usual diet. So, if we continue to breastfeed our child, it is recommended that we continue with it and increase the frequency of feedings during the illness.

For the older ones, we can offer them their favorite foods, in such a way that they are more appetizing. Let's try soft foods that are easy to digest and easy to chew and swallow: puddings, yogurts, cooked rice, omelettes, pasta, soups, purees, etc.

After the disease, it is time to regain lost strength and for them we must provide them with a careful diet, with a greater number of nutrients: proteins and vitamins to regain the lost weight and continue with adequate growth. We can even provide them with extra servings, but yes, of nutritious foods: fruits and vegetables at all meals, dairy products, especially whole grains, legumes, eggs, fish, meats, nuts, avoiding fried or fatty foods and sweets.

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