10 warning signs in newborn babies

10 warning signs in newborn babies

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According to World Health Organization - WHO - almost 45 percent of children under five years old who die each year are newborn infants, that is, babies less than 28 days old or in the neonatal period; three out of every four infant deaths occur in the first week of life and a large part of these deaths can be prevented with preventive measures during delivery and the first week of life.

If you have a newborn at home, it is convenient that you observe it to determine if it has a symptom of those that we list and if you should take it to your nearest emergency service.

- Bluish skin. When you see a bluish color inside or around the mouth, tongue, hands and feet, it may be cyanosis.

- Yellow skin. Jaundice in the first days of the baby is common but if the coloration is very strong and occurs in the first 24 hours of the baby's life with very dark urine and white stools, it should be checked.

- Very pale or gray skinIt could tell us that the baby is very cold or has a disease.

- Fever: If your baby's temperature is higher than 38 degrees, he has a fever. Take the temperature as we have indicated on our site.

- Hypothermia: If the baby's skin is very cold below 35 degrees.

- Different regurgitation To the normal of very violent and constant babies, you must go to the emergency room for a review to determine the cause.

- Avoid dehydration. It is important to go immediately to the pediatrician if the baby vomits a lot, to avoid dehydration.

If they are aqueous it is diarrhea and if there is presence of mucus or blood, it may be dehydration. If you don't have regular bowel movements and it hurts, it may be constipation or another condition.

Symptoms of this difficulty are a high rate of breathing, 60 breaths per minute or pauses without breathing of more than 20 seconds, bluish skin, noises when breathing and whining.

- Frequent crying: If the baby is irritable, crying uncontrollably even after feeding, bathing, changing, etc., it is better to talk to the doctor.

- Very sleepy baby, weak if he cries weakly, if he does not wake up to feed, if he does not have muscle tone and moves less than normal you should consult

Seizures are sudden, involuntary body movements, usually blank stares and tremors. The attention must be immediate.

If you have inflammation of the skin around the umbilical cord or redness, pus or blood that comes from there, a stench or bad smell and you should consult

Presents difficulty or lack of strength in sucking milk, intolerance and rejection of food.

Babies generally urinate 5 times a day or more.

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