Myths of homeopathy for children

Myths of homeopathy for children

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Homeopathy is an alternative medicine created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. It is based on the doctrine of "the similar cures the similar." That is, a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure the similar in sick people. But of course, we are not going to directly inject a harmful element into a person.

What homeopaths do is dilute this substance millions of times in alcohol or distilled water, to the point where nothing of the original molecule remains. Does it convince them? Not me.

1- Because Wikipedia itself, free of possible pharmaceutical interests, considers that homeopathy is a pseudoscience and its remedies have been found to be no more effective than placebos.

2- Because it lacks biological plausibility and his axioms contradict scientific facts, because the mechanisms of action postulated for its supposed efficacy are as scientifically implausible as they are physically impossible.

3- Because evaluations carried out by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Ministries of Health of the United Kingdom and Switzerland have already concluded that homeopathy is ineffective and they advised against continuing its funding.

4- Because contemporary defenders of homeopathy have proposed the concept of the "memory of water", according to which water "remembers" the substances mixed in it and transmits the effects of these substances when consumed. Are you convinced that the water remembers? Not me.

5- Not a single homeopathic preparation has been shown to be unequivocally different from placebo. But what is this placebo thing? As it turns out, it is proven that the act of caring for a patient with an ailment and administering a remedy always has positive effects. They are things of our surprising and great unknown brain.

What should a real medicine do? Overcome this placebo effect, to be able to consider that the drug really has some beneficial effect for the patient. Do homeopathic products overcome this placebo effect? Absolutely not. And what does a placebo carry? Well, no medicine. It is a pill that usually contains sugar inside. Are you convinced that sugar cures? It is sweet, and it makes our lives happy, but it should not be sold as a drug. It must be sold at the same price as sugar.

And, is it not then curious that these types of products are sold as solutions for diabetes, asthma, gallbladder, abdominal pain and extensive and tireless etcetera? All in one, excellent pack! But how is it possible then that my neighbor has done so well for the “rheumatism”? It's called the placebo effect.

It must be that pharmaceutical companies pay us millions to cover up the benefits of these great products, because I doubt very much that we care about curing our patients (the tone is ironic, of course). Does it convince them? Do you think that for writing these lines against homeopathy tomorrow I will have a Ferrari waiting for me at my door? Well believe it strongly for a few seconds, to see if this way one of my dreams becomes reality.

But, if they are really effective, how is it possible that they are not financed by the Public Health System? Why are they not considered active ingredients by Drug Agencies? And above all, why don't homeopaths openly lend themselves to serious and rigorous clinical trials with their products? This is how all pharmaceutical companies do it, why don't they follow the same rules of the game? If they are that good, the results should be excellent. Does it convince them? Not me.

However. Everyone is free to use their money on those goods that they most want. Are you convinced by homeopathy? Keep up with her. But my advice as a doctor: leave your children alone. Because they cannot choose whether to believe or not. Because really nobody knows what all these pills have inside, and because more than one scare we have already had in pediatric emergencies. Homeopathy in children no, thank you. Check #nosinevidencia on Google and on social networks if you still have a little faith in this pseudoscience, even if it is drowned in millions of liters of nostalgic water.

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