Dracula makeup. Kids vampire costumes

Dracula makeup. Kids vampire costumes

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If you want to complete your child's vampire costume, in we teach you how to make a makeup of Count Dracula in a few easy steps.

An ideal makeup for the Halloween party, Carnival or a birthday party. Always remember to use hypoallergenic paint and wash the child's face well when finished.

  • Makeup sponge
  • Brush
  • White, black and red water paint

1. Paint the entire face white using a makeup sponge and tapping the paint.

2. Outline the eyes with a brush and black paint and make huge pointed eyebrows that rise from the nose.

3. Paint the characteristic peak of Dracula's hair and lips red.

4. Draw the vampire's fangs with black paint and at the end of them a few drops of blood with red paint.

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