Eight mistakes you shouldn't make in pregnancy

Eight mistakes you shouldn't make in pregnancy

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Pregnancy is not a disease, nor does the woman have to live it with an exhaustive control of each of the things she does, thinks or wants. However, it is very important to take care of yourself and lead a healthy life to ensure the correct development of the baby.

During pregnancy, it is normal for women to have many doubts and questions about the habits that they should carry, in we tell you what mistakes you should not make and what habits you must eliminate from your life for the pregnancy to come to fruition.

1. Smoking- Harmful components of tobacco can reach the baby through the placenta. It is advisable to give up smoking during pregnancy as it is associated with risks such as: low baby weight, premature delivery, spontaneous abortion, respiratory diseases or malformations.

2. Drink alcohol: The experts are clear about this, during pregnancy you should not drink any alcohol since it passes into the baby's blood in the same way that it reaches the mother's and can also cause fetal alcohol syndrome in the baby, low weight , spontaneous abortion or malformations.

3. Consume caffeine in excess: It is not recommended to exceed 300 mg a day, that is, a couple of coffees or a soda with caffeine since in large quantities it can influence the growth of the baby and can also alter the oxygen that reaches the uterus and the flow of blood.

4. Get high impact exercise: sport is healthy and recommended during pregnancy, however, it is advisable to avoid those that pose risks due to their high demands such as cycling, running, weight lifting, jumping or spinning.

5. Self-medicate: a legend appears on all drug inserts, recalling the risks that it may pose during pregnancy. Some medicines are totally discouraged in pregnancy and others, more common, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol are viable, as long as a doctor prescribes them.

6. Travel in late pregnancy: Travel is possible during pregnancy as long as the obstetrician does not recommend otherwise, however, in the final stretch of pregnancy it is preferable to avoid them as it can increase the risk of premature birth.

7. Dieting: There are moms who are obsessed with not gaining weight and dieting during pregnancy, however, they are putting the baby at risk. Eliminating all kinds of fats from day to day is harmful since the body is unable to produce certain necessary fats that are present only in food.

8. Consumption of certain foods: There are many doubts about which foods can be taken with peace of mind and which ones not during pregnancy and that is that some can cause malformations in the baby. It is preferable to avoid raw or undercooked meats, raw eggs, unpasteurized dairy or raw fish.

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