Your child is not hyperactive: you are hyperpassive

Your child is not hyperactive: you are hyperpassive

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Let's say your son he is a restless child, very restless. From the moment he gets up until he goes to bed, he keeps jumping, moving, talking ... You think over and over again 'How can he have so much energy? ... if he even has a hard time sleeping!'

Let's say you think and suspect that your child is hyperactive, or that he suffers from ADHD, even if he has no problems in class and gets good grades. You look for a diagnosis and the experts, far from confirming your suspicions, assure you that your child does not have any problems. That maybe you are the one who suffers from hyperpassivity. Know that means?

There is a lot of talk about hyperactivity in children, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and all parents with very restless children think that maybe they can have it ... And yet very few cases of ADHD are diagnosed year. In fact, it is estimated that only 5% of the child population suffers from this disorder. The rest of restless children are just that: restless.

However, psychologists do warn of the alarming increase in a disorder in parents with very nervous children: Hyperpassivity. But take care, this does not mean that these parents do not care about their children (there are also). In fact, they love them madly. The problem is the level of stress in which these parents live: family charges, work, dependence on social networks and new forms of written communication ...

Most of them are parents who come home late, and they are so tired that they listen to their children without attending to them. That are without being. That they don't have enough energy to dedicate to their children. Neither to play, nor to read stories ... And they look for other ways to relieve their stress, such as the mobile phone. And this in turn creates more anxiety and sadness in children ... So it ends up being a vicious cycle. Tired parent = hyperpassivity = More nervous child = exhausted parent.

The solution? Psychologists speak of a rethinking of parenthood and parenthood. To re-establish the scale of values. Of sacrificing certain 'leisure time' to dedicate it to the children (it is not about sacrificing all leisure time, only some). Maybe not much time can be spent, but the little time we are with them, dedicate it exclusively. What they call 'quality time'. Out of television and out of mobile devices. And always dedicate a while, a moment a day to change the WhatsApp for the smile of your child. Don't you think it's worth it?

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