How the end of the year is celebrated in the world

How the end of the year is celebrated in the world

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Traditions by countries to say goodbye to the year and welcome the new year


The end of the year In Panama the typical 12 grapes are also eaten, but here the seeds are counted and the number that comes out they play the lottery.

In every home the New Year is greeted by placing essential oils or incense to eliminate bad vibrations. A bouquet of oranges, rice and wheat behind the door completes the ritual to have a whole year of health and prosperity.

The Venezuelan families they also prefer lentils to grapes as a symbol of good luck in the New Year.

Some of the most followed traditions in Venezuela are break the glasses with which they toast To ensure a promising future, carry money in your pocket at the time of the new year and put quartered lemons all over the house to absorb bad energy.

Although saying goodbye to the year by eating 12 grapes is becoming popular around the world, in Chile they prefer to eat lentils, which give better luck.

They also like to greet the New Year showing some coins to the moon to ensure the economic well-being of the whole family and to go around the block with a suitcase to guarantee a year of travel.

A dinner with a good barbecue can not be missing on the table of Argentine families in end of the year. Also, at twelve old papers are torn and they throw themselves out the window to get rid of what is of no use and make room for what is to come in this New Year.

As in Peru, it is also an Argentine tradition that of burn dolls in a kind of turning the page or forgetting about the past.

Celebrate a perfect New Year's Eve In U.S.A stop by going to the New York plaza Times square and enjoy the descent of the crystal ball.

The first thing to do to ring in the New Year is to kiss a person of the opposite sex while the wishes of thousands of people written on pieces of paper fly like confetti.

End of the year's party in Brazil it's called Reveillon and it is to be enjoyed by the sea.

Brazilian families receive the New Year dresses in white to attract peace. Tradition says that you have to jump seven waves to have good luck throughout the year and throw flowers into the water while making a wish.

The Peruvian families they say goodbye to the year by burning dolls or puppets that symbolize the old versus the new. It is also their way of welcoming the new year.

As in other countries, underwear also symbolizes good luck, in this case yellow and you have to take it backwards until twelve o'clock, and then put it to the right and ring in the New Year.

The Colombians receive the New Year standing to attract good luck and health. And they perform what is known as 'omens', a series of rituals to get on the right foot.

Use yellow underwear, having some coins in hand while the bell rings and kissing a person of the opposite sex first are some of the most followed traditions to celebrate New Year's Eve.

As in the whole world, in Mexico they are waiting for the twelve chimes to receive the New Year by toasting.

The most particular tradition of Mexicans on New Years Eve is sweep the house inside out to drive bad luck out of the home. And with the same objective, there is no shortage of people pouring buckets of water out the window.

In Spain the New Year is received by eating the twelve grapes to the sound of the chimes. The ideal place to do it is in the Puerta del Sol in MadridBut it is a tradition that all households follow.

If in addition to eating the twelve grapes, you say goodbye to New Year's Eve with a red garment, luck in the New Year is assured.

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