Promotions for children 24.02

Promotions for children 24.02

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Another shopping cheat sheet for another week. Print the list below and buy the cheapest diapers, desserts and dinners!


  • Cosmetics- Attractive discounts are waiting for Super-Pharm customers until 29.02. For a series of cosmetics for the skin care of our little ones Bambino and Johnson's Baby at the checkout we will pay 20% less. On the other hand, 25% of the discount will cover the company's products Nivea Baby- Nutri Sensitive. It is worth noting that only LifeStyle loyalty card holders can take advantage of this opportunity. Parents of older children who like the fragrant series Ziaji Maziajki, certainly be glad that they will buy 500ml bath soap and 300ml shampoos for PLN 1 cheaper (PLN 5.99).
  • Pampers diapers- All sizes of Pampers Economy + diapers at Super-Pharm are available at a promotional price of PLN 49.99 (previously PLN 53.99). In the Polo Market, on the other hand, you pay PLN 39.99 for packaging any type of Sleep & Play diapers.
  • Huggies diapers- Amateurs of Premium Mega diapers will definitely be pleased that instead of PLN 48.88 for a packet of any size they will pay only PLN 36.99 at Super-Pharm. And the packaging of Premium 52/44/40/36 nappies in E. Leclerc costs PLN 29.99. In Carrefour, an identical purchase involves spending PLN 49.79. You pay 25% cheaper for the packaging of Huggies Economy diapers at the Polo Market, i.e. PLN 29.99 - the promotion applies to 54 and 74 pieces in a pack.
  • Wet wipes- If you haven't had the chance to try Johnson's Baby wipes yet, then at Aster drugstores for each pack of 64. you will pay PLN 4.99 (old price PLN 6.99). On the other hand, at Tesco, you spend 25.99 PLN for 6 Pampers Fresh wipes. In the Polo Market for 4.99 PLN (old price 6.99 PLN) you can buy Huggies Pure wipes. All types of Bella Happy wipes that previously cost PLN 7.99 will be available for the same price.


  • Gerber desserts- At Super-Pharm, the price of 130g jars has been reduced from PLN 3.19 to PLN 2.59.
  • Gerber dishes- Dinners from the DoReMi series are available at promotional prices. We will pay PLN 5.49 for the jar (formerly PLN 5.99) and PLN 6.99 for the jar (old price: PLN 7.49).
  • BoboVita desserts- Only until the end of February buying Tesco desserts in 130g jars for 6 pieces will you pay only PLN 11.56, because you will get two products for free.
  • porridge- We have small gourmets will certainly be pleased to hear that for two packages of BoboVita rice porridges they will pay a round PLN 10 at Tesco. However, identical products are available at the Polo Market at a more favorable price - PLN 8.79. Double packaging of Nestle milk-rice porridge in E. Leclerc costs PLN 11.25.
  • Denmark Hipp- LifeStyle card holders can buy 3 packages of ready meals in 220g jars for PLN 14.58. This promotion is valid at Super-Pharm.
  • Modified milk- Gerber 2 and 3 milk in 350g packages are available at Super-Pharm for PLN 11.99 (current price: PLN 13.49). In the same drugstore and pharmacy you will get Enfamil Premium Lipil 2-400g milk (for PLN 27.99), Premium 3-400g (PLN 27.99) and Premium 3- 850g (PLN 49.99), which have also been discounted. In Carrefour, on the other hand, you can buy various types of Nan milk at PLN 16.99 for 350g packaging. Economical, containing 1200g of modified milk packaging, available at E. Leclerc, can be purchased for PLN 53.99.
  • Teas- I am inviting fans of instant Hipp teas to Super-Pharm. There you can pay PLN 14.99 instead of PLN 19.99 for 400g. In the Polo Market for 200g a pack of calming tea from the same company you spend 8.99 PLN.


  • Underwear - For pajamas made of jersey, available in 4 designs in Lidl we will pay PLN 17.99.
  • Clothes - At Carrefour you can buy children's checkered shirts from size 82 at PLN 19.99 / item. In contrast, children's one-color sweaters already cost PLN 24.99. You will get spring jackets that will be useful soon for PLN 26.99.


  • booklets- By buying a fairy tale for children at PLN 6.99 in Carrefour you can get a second for a symbolic penny.
  • For girls- The favorite of small Barbie dolls with pet washing kit is available at Carrefour for PLN 79.99. In the same hypermarket you will pay PLN 39.99 for cuddly Shnooks. A porcelain tea set with the Hello Kitty logo is available at E. Leclerc for PLN 24.99.
  • For boys- Lovers of vehicles made of blocks will probably like the fire truck, dump truck and military vehicle. You pay 18.99 PLN for Carrefour for each. Real has prepared a leap year promotion. On February 29, prices of Lego toys will be reduced by the amount of VAT. And if any of you born on that day will get a gift from the hypermarket. Ask for details in the customer service department. You pay 21.99 PLN for the small Hot Wheels downhill track at E. Leclerc.


  • Dishes- Parents of small gourmets will certainly be pleased with the reduction in prices of food that makes eating more pleasant. At Super-Pharm, for a melamine bowl of Canpol Babies in the shape of a happy bear's head, we will pay now not PLN 11.99 but PLN 8.49. However, we will get soft teaspoons from the same company for 5.49 PLN (old price 7.49 PLN). And in Carrefour for two cups of 150ml Lovi non-spill we will pay PLN 18 (offer the second product for a penny).

From the pharmacy shelf

  • Super-Pharm- You will get supplementary diet of our little ones with vitamin D in convenient twist-off capsules for PLN 11.99. So far for 36 pcs. D-Vitum you had to spend PLN 20.99. However, for K-Vitum packaging instead of 41.99 PLN you will pay only 25.99 PLN. If your kids supplement the vitamin deficiency, the effervescent Kinder Biovital YOUnior tablets will cost you not PLN 28.99 but PLN 18.99. If your children prefer to take vitamins in the form of jellies for 30pcs. Kinder Biovital Gumisie you will pay 7 PLN cheaper - 22.99 PLN. The Citrosept Junior immunity-raising syrup is an expense of PLN 23.99, and not as currently PLN 32.99.


  1. Huggies Premium Mega Ceba Nappies 36.99 PLN, Super-Pharm, promotion period 16.02-29.02
  2. BoboVita desserts 6x130g price 11.56, Tesco, promotion until 29.02
  3. Spring jackets price 26.99 PLN, Carrefour, promotion time to 29.02
  4. Books for the youngest, price PLN 7 for 2 items, Carrefour, promotion until February 29