Light foods for children: yes or no?

Light foods for children: yes or no?

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A product is considered to be light when fats or sugars have been eliminated from foods or drinks, thus reducing their caloric value, in the case of fats they are reduced by 30% less than the original product and in the case of foods that They contain sugars and are replaced by sweeteners. But, Is it healthy for children to eat light foods?

Fats are essential for brain development and as an energy supply against the period of maximum growth and development of the child, therefore Eating light foods is not recommended, although if it is done sporadically it does not have a negative effect on the child's health.

In the event that you want to eliminate sugars from your diet, you should increase consumption of fresh fruits and dried fruits. If you are going to opt for light products without sugars, keep in mind that they are replaced by sweeteners that, when consumed in excess, bring dental caries problems and, in turn, the body alters caloric perception, stimulating more consumption.

In these cases, the child's diet and physical exercise should be reviewed, surely with some changes his state of health improves, some tips:

- Increase the consumption of vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

- Consume yogurts in snacks, milk, nuts, dried fruits and fresh fruits.

- Increase the consumption of white fish, blue, choose lean meats and remove visible fat from poultry (such as chicken skin before cooking).

- Eliminate industrial bakery, processed foods, sweets, sugary drinks, sausages, snack (chips) etc.

- Encourage physical activitydaily (games in the park, team games, etc.).

If after putting all these recommendations into practice, no improvement is seen in the child (although I doubt it very much), the pediatrician will be consulted to see if it is necessary introduce light foods in children with infantile hypercholesterolemia, in this case, semi-skimmed products are recommended for children over 2 years of age and only for children over 5 years of age skimmed.

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