Attention, contest: choose a book!

Attention, contest: choose a book!

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Dear readers, this time we would like to invite you to participate in a competition in which you can choose one book prize. The rules are very simple:

1) Just select one book: number 1, 2 or 3.

2) Write in the commentary below this article which book you chose and why.

3) Remember to pay attention when entering the e-mail address in the space for entering the e-mail address. Only providing the correct address will allow us to contact the winner of the competition.

We are waiting for your answers from October 27, 2012 to November 7, 2012. Each participant can leave any number of comments. Among the answers we will choose most interesting commentswhich will be awarded with selected books. We have 2 copies of each book to give away. The results will be announced by November 11 this year: we will inform about them on the website and by contacting the winners by e-mail.

To help you decide, we publish information about each book below. Soon each of these items will be reviewed on the site.

1) "Self-development techniques, or how to better remember and learn faster" Natalia and Krzysztof Minge

The brain hates boredom and monotony; if something bored him, he is inexorable - Natalia and Krzysztof Minge write in their book "Techniques of self-development" - He will do everything in his power to force you to stop tiring activity. Therefore, learning for hours does not bring the desired results, and thousands of repetitions of the same material end up in frustration and irritation, but not mastering the message.

Long forging just before the class or marathons of learning bore the mind. They make the learning effects less effective - psychologists Natalia and Krzysztof Minge argue and explain how to learn effectively and why watching TV is really stupid.

At, you had the opportunity to read an interview with the author of this book, Natalia Minge, on the occasion of the premiere of the book 'How to creatively support child development'.

2). "Think effectively, or how to solve problems more effectively and achieve goals" Art Markman

The book is devoted to the issue of smart thinking - one of the world's most valued human abilities, thanks to which you can better deal with problems and efficiently find creative solutions. The author of the publication, Dr. Art Markman, using the latest discoveries in the field of cognitive psychology and other fields of science, proves that effective thinking can and even needs to be learned.

The guide is a must read for anyone who wants to use their potential, think in an innovative way and achieve their goals. It is recommended to all those who are interested in their own development and the use of psychology to improve the quality of life.

This book is a personal instruction manual for your mind that will help you learn how to memorize information, learn, and use your knowledge more effectively. You will find there valuable and thoroughly discussed examples of discoveries, experiments, as well as tools and exercises that will allow you to consolidate the acquired information.

3) "How to be a brilliant girl?" Irene Colas

Good manners. How to be a brilliant girl! A proposal for a girl.

At home, on a visit, at school, on the street ... it is worth behaving elegantly so as not to give the unforgettable impression of a stone age being!

And here is a guide of good manners, addressed to modern girls who always and everywhere, even in the most delicate situations, want to maintain class.

Extremely funny book that will earn you the respect and sympathy of others. Take without restrictions!

A collection of tips for girls on every topic, written in a very funny way. A wide range of issues: trouble with the changing body, burp, farting in the company, bad breath, introducing yourself, being late, flushing the toilet, talking full mouth, swearing, etc.

Lots of fun illustrations.

And how do you choose one book: 1, 2 or 3? Write in the comment!