Interactive Minnie Clementoni Mouse

Interactive Minnie Clementoni Mouse

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Minnie Mouse is an amazing toy, made with attention to every detail. Excellent quality, very pleasant to the touch and with its appearance arousing sympathy. Especially among children who are lovers of Minnie Mouse adventures.

It can be treated as a cuddly toy or a toy that teaches. Designed for children over 6 months, has a chance to be appreciated by a toddler about a year old, and certainly two-year-old. For the price of about 120 zlotys we will receive a beautiful toy ... from which one could expect more.

The interactive function has been planned for Minnie's legs, arms and belly. Pressing individual points is usually simple, although sometimes moving the sensor makes it difficult to start an interesting song or counting. Also, for a fairly high price, you can expect more options: especially songs and recorded Minnie responses. Meanwhile, the Mouse seems to be "repeating" too often.

The downside is also the inability to turn down the volume (Mouse "speaks" quite loudly). Plus for the option to turn off the sound.

The toy is 27 cm. Works on three AAA batteries.

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