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When should I go to the cinema with my child for the first time?

When should I go to the cinema with my child for the first time?

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For an adult, going to the cinema opens the perspective of nice time. For a child, this event is definitely more important. Brings a lot of experience. There is a huge hall, other armchairs, a larger screen, clearer characters, louder sound. Watching cartoons at the cinema is very different from following the stories of your favorite characters at home. Therefore, something that will be "nothing big" for an adult can be a reason for stress and crying for a toddler. Especially if the child is not ready for the cinema. When should I go to the cinema with my child for the first time?

When should I go to the cinema with my child for the first time?

Before you go to the cinema with a child for the first time, find out if the child:

  • is willing to go out together,
  • knows how to sit still (there is no point in going to the cinema, if we know that the toddler is bored after 20 minutes and cannot focus on the story).

It's worth checking out the cinema's repertoire and choosing a story carefullyto make sure your toddler likes it. Agnieszka advises: "I was at the cinema with my son when he was 3 years old - I think it is worth it to be a fairy tale that we are almost sure it will be a hit for the child. Otherwise, after 15 minutes, there is usually an evacuation from the cinema, because a bored toddler cannot withstand the end of the screening. "

Monika adds: "Starszak 3 years, younger 2 years. It wasn't without traveling on armchairs or jumping stairs, but I managed. It's best to go to the screening in the morning when there are not many people. Don't be discouraged. Explain to your child that the film will end in e.g. a few minutes. I enter the room at the very end and choose places where nobody is sitting next to us. I've never missed the screening before. The children cuddled up, lay on us like in armchairs, ate popcorn and watched. I'm proud of them because they lasted three hours at the Avengers: Endgame cinema and there was no crying. I also let them choose the fairy tale they want to go to by showing them trailers. Good luck"

Mornings at the children's cinema

A good solution are screenings dedicated to the youngest. They last 30 minutes to an hour. Often there are breaks during which the toddler can run or jump. The voice is muffled, a soft light is turned on in the cinema.

Mornings allow a child to get used to a new place and a new situation. If we see that the child is ready to go to a longer movie, we can go to the next screening. In the mornings, two or three-year-old children often have fun. Toys are set up in the cinemas and the facilities are planned so as to make them convenient for families with small children.

When to go to the cinema with your child? Your experiences

"My son is 4 years old and we have been with him 3 times and we are not going yet. I think it depends on the child and whether he likes to watch cartoons in general, because my son is not interested, and there is not much interest in the cinema. "Zosia

"We were last at the cinema for a 90-minute screening with daughters 4 and 2 years old. They both sat there well, without complaining, they liked it. Also our 2 year old was not too small for such attractions;) "Patrycja

"We were like my daughter 3 years old and we go regularly. But it depends on the child. "Adriana

It is difficult to answer the question when to go to the cinema with a child for the first time. A lot depends on the specific child and his character. Particular care must be taken in the case of young children and older children with high sensitivity. Going to the cinema can be quite an experience, and "scary" fairy tales can make a child become discouraged for a long time.