"Why three year old textbooks?" LIST

"Why three year old textbooks?" LIST

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"When the older son went to kindergarten, and it was 10 years ago, no one in the youngest group talked about layettes. The textbook and one was intended for children from the last group, i.e. zeros. Today, we have to buy textbooks for the youngest children who have barely learned to speak full sentences and hold crayons. And I ask - what for?

A friend showed me 4 books for a group of 4 year olds - each for a different time of year. At the end of the class in June, the daughter of a friend had maybe 1/3 exercises completed. Rest? The children did not make it, not even because they were sick, but because they had to ... play once. There were also trips, trips, performances on various occasions, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc. ...

Only that preschoolers would play in the kindergarten and not hang over the books was known before September 1 ... Why, then, do the ladies in the kindergarten not draw conclusions? And stubbornly force their parents to buy substantial layettes every year? Why does the child need a few notebooks to refill, since each year most of the exercises are not completed?

Why does a child need so many books, if there are coloring books, stickers, stickers in most houses? Do the ladies in the kindergarten think that buying a "layered" layette, will motivate parents to fill all these blank pages with their children at home during the holidays, when the textbooks come back home?

Can it really be like it is today? That in the kindergarten it was colored, drawn, cut out? The lady brought simple coloring, plasticine and crepe was enough and no one thought to burden the three-year-old with "books and modern textbooks" solved according to the "key"? Is this not an excess of form over content?

Or maybe today the ladies in kindergarten are less creative than their friends from previous years? Maybe they can't prepare simple games and prefer to reach for a "layette" with "specialized" tasks? Maybe they must have everything prepared, otherwise it can't be done? If so, can't one opt for one thin book instead of several, since it is already known that there will be no time to refill everyone? "