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What can an annual child eat? Is it really what grown up?

What can an annual child eat? Is it really what grown up?

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A one-year-old child can be like an adult. Assuming that the adult diet is varied and healthy. What does this mean in practice? What can an annual child eat?

What can an annual child eat? Basic rules

To develop healthy eating habits from an early age, which will pay off in the future, it is worth ensuring that:

  • the child's diet varied
  • easy to digest,
  • prepared from high quality ingredients, preferably organic,
  • should be based on local, seasonal vegetables and fruits,
  • daily meals should no longer have the consistency of slurry, but contain clear pieces that motivate the child to chew,
  • Avoid dyes, preservatives, high-processed foods, ready-made sweets.
  • choose steaming, braising and baking, avoid frying,
  • avoid spicy dishes.

Give the child small portions on the plate so that the toddler has a chance to eat what he got. He'll be proud of himself when he calls in. In turn, it can be very demotivating for him to take a full plate from the table by mom or dad.

What can an annual child eat? specifically,

The diet of a one-year-old child should contain ingredients from all groups - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Consumption is recommended five small meals a day, of which three are main dishes and two are appetizers (a few snacks, apple, juice or banana are already considered a snack). Meals should be small, because the child has a small stomach and can only eat from an adult point of view at a time. Too large portions may result in malaise, including stomach aches.

It is very important to keep an eye on the meal times because the child's metabolic rate depends on it. Eating regularly, your toddler has a lower risk of digestive problems such as bloating or constipation.

What can an annual child eat?

  • fresh or steamed local seasonal vegetables (400-500 grams daily)
  • seasonal, fresh fruit (daily - 200 grams),
  • well filleted fish,
  • good quality meat - turkey, rabbit, veal, poultry,
  • ground nuts, stones, seeds - beware, they can be allergic,
  • legume seeds - cooked and mixed.

The one-year-old child should not eat sweets, especially ready-made ones. You can serve healthy sweets, but occasionally, prepared with common sense, preferably replacing sugar with fruit.

Avoid sweet drinks, including juices. Instead, give your child water, herbal teas and homemade compotes with no added sugar.

The annual child's menu should be healthy. It is worth diversifying it, including valuable products. In this way, you can ensure your baby's healthy growth and avoid many problems, including obesity, tooth decay, as well as serious future illnesses.

An example of an annual child's menu

Breakfast: millet with milk

Second breakfast: half an apple

Lunch: a glass of vegetable soup, stewed turkey breast, potatoes with dill and steamed vegetables

Afternoon tea: A small bowl of corn crisps without salt and sugar

Dinner: a portion of seasonal steamed vegetables