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3 sentences that every mother would like to hear. And fortunately he often hears them

3 sentences that every mother would like to hear. And fortunately he often hears them

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Mother is my whole life. This role does not end when the child blows out 18 candles on the cake or the adults move out of the house. Worrying about the fate of children gets in the package until old age, which irritates adolescents, but it is impossible to change it. You have to accept it and learn to live with it. Because my mother's role is difficult, demanding and not always appreciated. In the meantime, just a few simple words are enough to tell mom that she is important to us. Not only on her feast day.

I need you

We want to feel needed at all ages. While the infant's mother feels irreplaceable almost every minute of her child's life, which can be a source of stress and terrible fatigue, the mother of a teenager or young adult often receives other signals - she feels rejected and unnecessary.

Many mothers are in crisis after moving out of their children, they experience the pain of empty nest. And it is at such moments that they need to be assured that, despite the changed life situation, they are still needed and cannot be replaced.

I love you

The first time a child says "I love you, mommy" is amazing. This feeling is difficult to describe. Emotion, joy, feeling of appreciation and fulfillment.

Two words, and they mean so much. With time, however, it is harder for many young people to pronounce them ...

It's a pity, because saying I love you, mom has power regardless of age.

Thank you for everything you do for me

Gratitude is an amazing feeling, often underestimated, and changing our approach and perception of the world. Hence, invitations to practice gratitude are heard more and more often.

The reason is simple: to appreciate what you have, not only when you lose it, but every day every day invariably and constantly. Because you can thank for too much:

  • for having born me, Mom,
  • that you are always with me when I need it,
  • that you motivate and support me,
  • that I can always ask you a question,
  • that you are understanding and patient with me,
  • that you taught me how to share with others, how to love ...

Of course, love is not just words. Deeds are also important and they should speak every day about how important our mothers are to us.