Promotions for children's products

Promotions for children's products

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What products will you buy at a promotional price this week? Where should you go shopping? We reveal it to you below.


  • Happy diapers of different types for 29.89 instead of 38.89 in Auchan supermarkets
  • Pampers Active Baby diapers for children of different types at the price of 59.79 instead of 67.95 and diapers Pamper Premium Care at the price of 59.79 per packaging in Real supermarkets. Super-Pharma offers diapers Pamper Premium Care two packages at the price of 87.99 (price with a LifeStyle card). In contrast, Pampers Active Baby diapers at Tesco can be obtained for 79.99 instead of 119.99.
  • Pampers 4 wet wipes for 3 for 26.95 in Real stores, while at Super-Pharma Pampers 2 wet wipes for 11.99, where they previously cost 13.99
  • Pamper Slep & Play nappies at Carrefour supermarkets for 26.59 different types
  • Selected baby care products Bambino 20% cheaper at Super-Pharma
  • Products Perfekt Mama whole series in Super-Pharma 20% cheaper


  • BoboVita 4 rice porridge for children for the price of 3, where one piece costs 4.49 at Real
  • Dessert for children BoboVita pack 190g in Real supermarkets is offered at a price of 2.86 per head if you buy 3 for 2 packages
  • Gerber 130g children's dish for 2.77 when buying 4 at the price of 3 in Real stores
  • Hipp 190g children's dish at Carrefour supermarkets for 4.49
  • Modified milk powder 350g Bebiko Junior different types at a price of 12.49 instead of 13.49 at Super-Pharma.
  • Bebilon Junior milk 1.2 kilogram for 56.79 instead of 60 zlotys at Tesco.
  • Hipp Bio fruit dessert various types 160g for 4.69 (with LifeStyle card) at Super-Pharma
  • Danonki flavored with vanilla or strawberry 100g in Polo-Market for 1.69
  • Desserts for children of various types BoboVita 2x125g for 4.59 at Polo-Market

Toys, clothing

  • Winnie the Pooh ride in Real stores at 89.95 instead of 139
  • Magnetic board in Carrefour supermarkets for 19.99
  • Barbie doll princess and unicorn at Tesco for 69.99 instead of 139.99.
  • Lego City 4206 at Tesco at the price of 79.99 instead of 159.99.
  • The doll in Emia's baby carrier at Tesco for 44.99 instead of 89.99.

Promotion time

Auchan 31.10-06.11.2012
Real 31.10-07.11.2012
Carrefour October 10, 5-11, 2012
Super-Pharma 04-14.11.2012
Polo-Market October 31, 2006 - November 6, 2012

Tesco 2.11-7.11.2012