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Emollients - a relief for dry skin

Emollients - a relief for dry skin

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Emollients are products that save the skin from dermatological oppression. Although they are associated with the care of the delicate skin of babies, they bring relief to anyone who struggles with excessively dry or damaged skin. What is hidden in emollients and in whose bathroom should these valuable preparations be found?

What exactly are emollients?

Emollients are just beginning to make a career among the clients of pharmacies and drugstores. This is due to the fact that so far their soothing properties were not very known, but for some time more and more people are convinced by them. These are substances that are supposed to help skin regeneration and soothe irritation. Their most frequently cited features are:

  • Hipoalergiczność
  • Natural compositions. Most often they are made entirely of hemp oil and contain various auxiliary components, e.g. omega-3 fatty acids, petrolatum or lanolin
  • Help to retain water in skin cells
  • Leaving skin smooth, taut and moisturized

Emollients - the perfect product for everyone?

Emollients are products that are particularly suitable for, among others for:

  • People with dry and very dry skin
  • People with atopic dermatitis
  • Allergy
  • People with sensitive skin
  • Children, including newborns and infants

Of course, this is just a stereotypical audience. In fact, whether a preparation of this type is useful for someone depends on the predisposition and needs of the organism, so it is worth consulting such issues with a dermatologist.

You have many options to choose from ...

Emollients can come in various forms and can be used for the care of different types of leather. In stores and pharmacies you can easily find:

  • Creams with emollients
  • Body balms with emollients
  • Bath emollients
  • Emollients for children

Of course, their selection should be very individual, preferably after consultation with a specialist, because although preparations of this type can be extremely helpful, ill-fitting can be useless or even harmful.

Special help for babies

Interestingly, emollients prove themselves as products supporting the regeneration of newborn skin. As they are hypoallergenic and delicate, they rarely irritate the baby's skin. Particular interest should be given to parents whose infants struggle with the problem of diaper burns or allergic reactions on the body.

Emollients for babies moisturize the baby's skin, reduce friction when moving, and also soothe irritations resulting from the presence of enzymes that appear during the toddler's physiological processes. The selection of emollients should be made by a doctor, because there are many specifics of this type on the market and it is difficult to choose the right one yourself.

Why use emollients for bathing?

One of the most popular types are emollients for washing, which are to replace all kinds of shower gels and bath lotions. Of course, their main task is to remove impurities from the body and face, but in addition they are to grease the skin strongly to ensure its full comfort. Additionally, they may contain various complexes, e.g.

  • smoothing
  • vitamin
  • firming
  • Soothing

Greasing without preservatives

It is worth knowing that a large part of this type of products are hypoallergenic preparations that are supposed to prevent any allergic reactions. People with a tendency to irritation usually need to avoid products containing certain substances, so it is good to analyze whether selected cosmetics are emollients without paraffin, fragrances, preservatives or dyes. Preparations containing such elements have a greater tendency to clog pores, cause rashes or purulent pimples and aggravate acne. Of course, this is not the rule, but this aspect is worth keeping in mind.

Emollients for children - are they safe?

A special type of care cosmetics of this type are those intended for children. They are usually divided according to the toddler's age, which is why the most frequently distinguished are:

  • Emollients for the newborn
  • Emollients for babies
  • Emollients for children over three years old

They are also different in form and usage. You can use, for example, emollients for baths for babies, as well as those contained in creams.

Take care of your skin!

Of course, it should be remembered that regardless of whether we buy the cosmetics for ourselves or for a child, the choice of products should be left to the specialist. Which care cosmetics we choose should therefore depend on the condition of the skin, the intensity of the problem and your personal preferences.