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Second trimester of pregnancy - the best time for the future mother?

Second trimester of pregnancy - the best time for the future mother?

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The second trimester of pregnancy is clearly the best time for pregnancy. It is not without reason that the middle three months are considered to be extremely pleasant - the unpleasant symptoms of the onset of pregnancy pass - fatigue, nausea, mood swings, and with the entry into the second trimester of pregnancy most women admit that they recover themselves from pregnancy. They feel more confident, are optimistic about the future and full of energy. What happens in the body of the future mother in this period?

When does the second trimester of pregnancy start?

The second trimester of pregnancy begins with entry into the 17th week of pregnancy and lasts up to the 25th week of pregnancy.

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What happens in the second trimester?

During the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby grows and changes very quickly. With him changes in your body occur.

Typical become:

  • backache - the extra weight begins to put pressure on the spine and back, which causes pain. In addition, the center of gravity changes, which is an additional burden on the skeletal system. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize unpleasant effects. The basis is to pay attention to sit upright, provide good support for the spine, sleep on the side (why pregnant during sleep on the left side) preferably with a pillow between the legs or a special croissant.
  • for tight shoes - footwear from before pregnancy may be uncomfortable, for example too tight. It is worth making sure that at this particular time you wear shoes on a flat sole with good arch support.
  • bleeding gums during pregnancy - more than half of pregnant women may notice that their gums are tender, swollen, and swollen. All because of hormonal changes that make the gums easier to irritate. Usually the situation returns to normal after delivery. What to do to reduce the risk of gum injuries? First of all, it is recommended to use a delicate brush and dental floss.
  • breast growth - breasts change already in the first trimester of pregnancy, but they continue to grow in the next three months, thus preparing to feed the baby. It is worth reviewing lingerie and, if necessary, buying a larger bra that will provide support for larger breasts and increase the comfort of the future mother.
  • faster hair growth - in the second trimester of pregnancy, you may observe increased hair growth. Not only on the head, but in places where you normally don't expect them, for example on your face, breasts or back. You can remove unwanted hair during a traditional shave. Many doctors do not recommend laser hair removal, waxing or using epilators, because their total effect on health is unknown. Read how to safely depilate pregnant hair.
  • ruddy skin - hormonal changes in pregnancy mean that pregnant women may be more browned and more likely to become red. An increase in the amount of melanin is also conducive to skin changes, pigmentation spots may appear, and a brown line on the abdomen is also typical. All these changes usually disappear after pregnancy.

Snoring in pregnancy

In the second trimester, unexpectedly for yourself and your partner, you can start to snore. However, there is no reason for concern. Snoring is because of hormonal changes. During pregnancy, the membranes lining the nose begin to swell, the nose is blocked, so it is harder to breathe.

It is worth reaching for saline and solutions specially dedicated to the nose during pregnancy, which will allow it to be cleaned and to avoid congestion.

Good results are also obtained when using a humidifier that ensures adequate humidity, which facilitates breathing and healthy sleep.