Baby poop - what is correct and what is not?

Baby poop - what is correct and what is not?

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Young parents' conversations often focus on the baby's poo. The content of the diaper becomes the leitmotif, determining the baby's health and well-being. By the color, consistency and content of a small child's stool, it is possible to assess whether an infant eats enough and receives enough vitamins and nutrients. So what is worth knowing about this topic? What poop in the baby is correct?

Smółka: the first pile

This is the first poop of a newborn baby which owes its name black, tarry color. The tar contains amniotic fluid, mucus and skin cells. The tar does not smell too intense, but it has a sticky, thick consistency and you may have a problem with its effective cleansing.

The infant should expel moth within first-second day after delivery. Already in 3-4 days of life there is a transition pile - green-brown, with clear lumps. After a temporary pile, around 5-6 days, a pile of lightly cut scrambled eggs appears. This is the right poop - a little different for naturally fed children, different for formula-fed children.

What does a baby's poop look like "on the chest"?

A toddler breastfed, not otherwise fed, will have yellow pile, usually with a semi-liquid consistency.

Sometimes a baby's stool may have more green color and creamy structure - usually in older babies.