Activities for children - is it really worth it?

Activities for children - is it really worth it?

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The beginning of the pre- and school year is a good time for businesses offering extracurricular activities for children. There is really something to choose from - learning to swim, through physical activities, rhythmics, dances, football, martial arts, to learning foreign languages, robotics and playing the piano. Mass, mass of possibilities for children and parents. And sometimes mainly for those adults who send children wherever they can and as much as they can afford. Where is the sense of this race? Where does fashion end, and does the child's need and real development begin? It's very easy to get lost in it.

The more the better!

Increasingly, the topic appears in the discussions of psychologists and teachers "Overwork" our children. Classes in kindergarten after 6-10 hours, depending on the parent's work. School and lessons to do, it also adds up to a full-time job. And in addition, we fund our kids, another 2-4 hours of drudgery a week, because during training or learning something new. On average, 2 hours of additional classes, because probably more ambitious parents will plan their child every free afternoon and Saturday. How much can you ?!

Let's put ourselves in the place of our beloved strings. For example, when an adult returns home, after 9-10 hours spent at work and commuting, he dreams of nothing but wrap himself in a blanket and take a nap. With this, we adults have more endurance and we only need to rest at night for 8-9 hours, unless we had a hard day at work.

And our children? They are growing intensively all the time and need much more sleep and rest. And how to reconcile with the constant pressure that tomorrow again 10 hours on your feet, and still lessons, and additional classes, let alone test for the test. Tired, they can barely rest at nightto fulfill the parents' ambitions during the day.

Parents' unfulfilled ambitions

Yes, it's your parent's fault that you allow it all. And even more, you arrange all these bonuses exhausting the young man, demanding great results from him - at school and in sport and wherever you dream. You want your child to succeed in life. You want her to get the best of everything. You want her to be somebody.

But in this whole rush, you do the opposite. You raise a child without the joy of fun, because there is no time. Without contact with peers, because they are either just as busy or there is no time for them again. A frustrated child with a high bar. A tired and unhappy child. A child who in the future will be a perfectionist - sooner or later he will finish them. Korpo-child, who will be in adult life, just like you, wanted more and more. And you wanted to do well!

Growth in moderation

I am not against extracurricular activities for children and I am glad that we have such a large selection today. Alone, for the past month, I was thinking, thinking and wondering - whether at all or where to enroll our five-year-old. The reason - it is full of energy, and chill, wind and rain outside the window. And to the delight of the neighbors that they will no longer have to listen to such intense matches in our hallway. And to our delight - parents, that the child is going crazy under the watchful eye of the coach in the company of peers on a professional football field. We decided to sign it up for football - training once a week for 1.5 hours.

And as part of pre-school classes, my son attends karate, I added him as part of one price, additional training once a week. So totally sports, a total of 2.5 hours of extra classes for a five-year-old. Is this a lot or a little? If we observe. If you are tired of this intensity, you can give up something from month to month. And if he will enjoy it and give advice - it's great for him.

But I would not decide on additional language learning, robotics or other classes. It would be too much. And it costs dearly.

Let's face it, all such activities are extra for our kids, they also cost extra - from 80 PLN for a month of classes, once a week, upwards. That is why I see no sense in overloading the small person with their quantity, because it is neither profitable nor developmental for him. Because a tired child only dreams about one thing - to relax, not to absorb new English words.

If we want good for our children, let us listen to them. Let's watch what gives them joy. Let's do extra activities so that they still have enough fun and laziness. Because a happy child is a healthy child. And fun and boredom are great! Scientifically confirmed.