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Blood or urine pregnancy test?

Blood or urine pregnancy test?

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A pregnancy test can be done at home using a pregnancy test that measures the presence of pregnancy hormones in your urine. You can also reach for another solution - a blood or urine pregnancy test performed in the laboratory.

Nowadays, to confirm pregnancy, is it worth doing the test, the results of which should be waited for? Especially in the modern world, when can you have them immediately? It turns out that yes. The test carried out in the laboratory gives some results and often allows you to confirm pregnancy faster than a home test. This home besides can be confusing in some situations.

Blood or urine pregnancy test?

There are two types of tests that help confirm pregnancy - made of blood or urine. Both detect the presence of a hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is produced by the placenta as soon as the embryo is attached to the endometrium. The level of hCG hormone increases dynamically at the beginning of pregnancy.

This hormonal revolution leads to the manifestation of pregnancy symptoms.

Urine pregnancy test

A urine pregnancy test can usually be done two weeks after fertilization. There are more or less sensitive tests that allow you to get the result earlier. Each test has instructions that clearly explain how to do it - whether to urinate in the container and immerse the strip in it, or instill urine into a special hole in the test, or simply put a test strip under the urine stream.

Effectiveness of assessing a woman's condition - whether she is pregnant or not - using urine pregnancy tests is estimated to be 97%. Of course, only if the test was done correctly. Sometimes the doctor orders a pregnancy urine pregnancy test in the laboratory (although this is less and less common nowadays), which helps to avoid possible human errors and hand over "matters" to specialists.

Blood pregnancy test

There are two types of pregnancy tests from Apr. The first type tests the value of the hCG hormone in a woman. If the blood pregnancy test shows that the hCG level is below 5 mIU / ml, it is assumed that the woman is not pregnant. If the level of hCG is between 5 and 25 mIU / ml, it is said to be an ambiguous result and the next test should be carried out within a few days to confirm pregnancy.

The second type of pregnancy test - the qualitative type simply allows you to answer the question of whether you are pregnant or not.

Is it worth taking a blood pregnancy test?

This solution has several advantages:

  • allows you to detect a possible pregnancy much faster than a urine test, because 7-12 days from the date of possible conception,
  • allows you to assess the level of hCG hormone, which gives the doctor the answer to the question of whether pregnancy is developing properly and allows for the assessment of possible risks.

There are also disadvantages. Blood pregnancy test: